P&C News Week 6

The P&C AGM was held last night. Office bearers for 2019 continue to be Nic Schmidt (President), Naomi Taylor (Vice President), Anna Larson (Treasurer) and Kate Rowlands Marquis (Secretary). A huge thanks to these ladies who have worked tirelessly for many years on the P&C. We always encourage new members so please come along to the next meeting to see where you can contribute, next meeting is on Tuesday 2nd April at 7pm.

Plans for the 2019 school year include the P&C fundraising to support the school’s plans to stabilise and prevent further erosion of the slope on the lower oval; implementing a new sound system and PA for the school undercover area; sound proofing the classroom next to the undercover area; and upgrading the canteen (which has been completed). There are also plans to extend the wobbly playground on the lower oval. Fundraising is really central to the P&C’s role in the school. Thanks to all those who supported the Year 6 cake stall which raised $809. An Easter raffle will soon be held for Pre Primary fundraising so please support this. Activities throughout the year like the Entertainment Book, the Book Fair, cake stalls, Year 6 disco and other ventures really need the community’s support to assist fundraising and bringing all the plans to fruition!

Good luck to all Year 4-6 students participating in the faction swimming carnival tomorrow!! Canteen lunches will be available for all children after their return from the carnival.

The Community Patch– there will be a busy bee this Friday after drop off so please come by to help in the garden outside pre primary if you can. Thanks 🙂

Harmony Day– next Friday the school will be celebrating Harmony Day with all children encouraged to wear orange to school that day. Harmony Day will be celebrated at the 3H assembly held that morning.

Canteen– thanks to all our fabulous volunteers who have helped in canteen recently. See below for spots still needing to be filled.
The canteen is open on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, for recess and lunch. 
The sign up for term 1 is  http://signup.com/go/OFCPcFZ
Please see your roster and if you are available to help either on your allocated week or another week.
Please sign up to the online ordering service on Quick click to make orders from the canteen. The link is http://quickcliq.com.au/

Wk 5 Class 4/5P
Tuesday 5th March 2 of 4 volunteers confirmed
Thursday 7th March 2 of 4 volunteers confirmed
Wk 6 Class 2BJ
Tuesday 12th March 1 of 4 spots confirmed
Thurday 14th March 2 of 4 spots confirmed
Wk 7 Class 5ZH
Tuesday 19th March 3 of 4 spots confirmed
Thursday 21st March All spots confirmed
Wk 8 Class 2/3H
Tuesday 26th March Needing one volunteer 10.45-1pm
Thursday 28th March Needing one volunteer from 8.45-10.45, and one volunteer 10.45-1pm
Wk 9 Class 4W
Tuesday 2nd April Needing one volunteer from 8.45-10.45
Thursday 4th April Needing one volunteer from 8.45-10.45
Wk 10 Class 1T
Tuesday 9th April Needing 3 volunteers- one for early shift and two for late shift
Thursday 11th April Needing one volunteer from 10.45-1pm

Your P&C ?