P&C News – Week 2

Greetings Kapinara families! 

Term 4 has gotten underway at break-neck speed!  A HUGE thank you to everyone who attended, donated and supported our Quiz Night last week which was a fantastic success! Can’t wait til next year’s event 🙂

Arts Night + Sausage Sizzle (Pre-Order Required)  Order Form

Arts Night takes place at school next Thursday 29 October from 5-7pm, with art projects from all year and class groups on display for your enjoyment. This year the P&C is hosting a sausage sizzle to help take the pressure off needing to feed the kids (and adults!) while checking out the art. Orders must be placed by end of day Tuesday 27 October by returning the attached form + correct cash payment to the front office (sorry, no change is available). Food will be available for pick up by referencing your surname between 5:30 and 6:30pm on the grassed area outside the Canteen.

We are also looking for 2x volunteers to help run the sausage sizzle from 5-7pm. If you can help, please email us at kapinarafamilies@gmail.com

Scholastic Book Fair

The Scholastic Book Fair takes place in the Library Monday-Thursday next week, and volunteers are needed to help make the event a success. Please sign up via the link provided if you can help – timeslots are before and after school each day as well as special extended hours from 5-7pm on Thursday night (Arts Night).


Canteen Reminders

As ever, the Canteen needs your support to provide a full lunch and recess service. For term 4 our volunteer spots are only one quarter filled, meaning that the menu options will be reduced on a daily/as needed basis to match the number of volunteers. The fewer volunteers, the fewer lunch items will be available – worst case scenario we will not be able to operate on certain days. A huge thank you to those who have volunteered already, and the class reps for their ongoing assistance in sending reminders.  Sign up link is: https://signup.com/go/pYeghDL

Here is the roster for the rest of term 4:

Week 2 (20 and 22 October) – 4P
Week 3 (27 and 29 October) – 1/2T
Week 4 (3 and 5 November) – 3H
Week 5 (10 and 12 November) – 5/6S
Week 6 (17 and 19 November) – 5LJ
Week 7 (24 and 26 November) – 1T
Week 8 (1 and 3 December) – PP2
Week 9 (8 and 10 December) – 4ZW
Week 10 (15 and 17 December) – 2JB

Save the Date – End of Year Concert

This year’s end of year concert will take place on Thursday 3 December. We’re working with the school to take a new approach to how the event is held and staged, and will include food trucks, sausage sizzle and BYO picnic. Further details to come!

Kapinara Primary School P&C Association