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Learning difficulties

For some children, even though they are provided with a good level of direct instruction and teaching, they will continue to find the process of learning to read far more challenging than their peers.  For these students, they may have a specific learning disorder that specifically affects their reading development and this specific learning disorder is commonly referred to as Dyslexia.
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When students experience ongoing struggles with spelling and expressing themselves through writing, despite additional support and intervention, it is possible that these students have a specific learning disorder in the area of written expression. This is commonly referred to as Dysgraphia.
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Some students experience delays in their numeracy development for no clear reason, and often the rate with which they respond to additional support is slower than their peers. For these students it is more likely that they have a specific learning disorder with an impairment in mathematics, often referred to as Dyscalculia.
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Other disorders that can affect learning

Developmental Language Disorders
Developmental Coordination Disorders
Attention Disorders

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