P & C Association

P & C Office Bearers are elected at the P & C’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at the beginning of the school year. At the most recent Kapinara P & C AGM, the following members were elected as Office Holders and Volunteer Coordinators for 2018:

President – Nicole Schmidt

Vice President – Naomi Taylor

Treasurer – Anna Larson

Secretary – Kate Marquis

Uniform Shop – Nikki Little and Claire Lucas

Canteen Coordinator – Kate Cawley

Parent Rep Coordinator – Kate Marquis

Newsletter – Kirstin Piccinini

The committee is also made up of 15-20 parents and staff, who paid $1 to become a voting member and also some elected/volunteered to become part of the Executive committee. 


P & C Meetings at Kapinara Primary School are held twice a term on a Tuesday evening, dates are available on the term planner, School Newsletter and also the P & C Newsletter.

Meetings are open to all parents and teachers and take place in the staff room from 7pm. Attending offers parents a great opportunity to gain a better understanding of, and to participate in the running of their children’s school.

New members are welcome at anytime and can pay their membership fee $1.

Fundraising at Kapinara Primary

The P&C continued to support the school with funds for the following resources in 2017:

  • Kapinara 50th Celebrations $31,000
  • Information technology  $15,000
  • Outdoor toys $1,700
  • Sports equipment $3,200
  • Books/readers $2,100
  • Learning technology $2,800

The parents of Kapinara continued to provide support to the school in terms of time and energy through volunteering efforts, which made events possible and raised funds for the school, including:

  • Canteen
  • Uniform shop
  • School banking
  • Quiz night
  • K50 merchandise
  • Community vegetable patch
  • Class reading rosters
  • Orchestra and SIM support
  • Sports events and training
  • Art Night
  • Book Fair
  • Class representatives
  • Lost property
  • Cake stalls
  • Sausage sizzles
  • Raffle
  • Leavers graduation
  • Disco (Leavers fundraiser)

The Uniform shop and Canteen provide an invaluable service to the school and are only run through the assistance of volunteers. In 2018 the Canteen is managed by Kirstin Piccinini and Kate Cawley Canteen volunteer co-ordinator.  The canteen can only run with the support of volunteers and it is greatly appreciated by the children and parents.  Many thanks to all who have contributed their time.

The Uniform shop continued to be successfully run by Nikki Little, Natalia Tasovac and more recently Claire Lucas. 

Community Events and Services

The P & C’s purpose is not all about fundraising. I am constantly being reminded though the actions of parents that they are proud to part of Kapinara and continue to support events to make Kapinara not only a great school but a great community. Some events run by class representatives and parents, not just P & C members include:

  • Athletics carnival
  • Sundowner
  • Art Night
  • Icy Pole Friday
  • Social dinners and BBQ for class groups
  • Coffee catch-ups
  • Disco
  • Quiz night
  • Class camping trips