2022 – The Canteen will be open on Wednesdays and Thursdays

Online canteen ordering
Kapinara Primary School uses QuickCliq to find out how to order and register visit the QuickCliq website.


The canteen at Kapinara Primary is an integral part of school life, promoting healthy eating habits for all children.  The aim of the Canteen is to provide nutritional food and drinks at reasonable prices.   While the Canteen is a non-profit making enterprise any surplus funds are accumulated and paid into the P&C funds to provide facilities and equipment for the benefit of the students.

The Canteen operates on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the term. The canteen does not accept cash for lunch orders, however recess and lunch snacks can be purchased with cash by the students.

A Canteen Manager runs the canteen but the success of the canteen depends very much on the assistance of volunteers who can give up a few hours a term to come in and help.  Each class is allocated to volunteer on both days about once a semester, and signing up is easy via a sign up portal.

Without volunteers, the canteen cannot operate. But best of all, your children get a real thrill out of seeing you at the counter. And they get a free lunch! Plus it’s an opportunity to get to know the other parents in your class. Your offer of help would be greatly appreciated by the canteen.


The canteen menu will be sent home at the beginning of every semester should any changes be made. Please keep the menu handy but if you lose it please download it here

School Canteen Association

The ABCD of packing healthy lunchboxes