Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Carers

End of Year Concert

It was fabulous to see so many families at the end of year concert last Thursday. We were very fortunate with the weather, as it had been considerably more breezy earlier in the afternoon. Once again, I’d like to acknowledge the initiative and financial support of the P & C, led by Kate Marquis and Kym Szwedzicki, that enabled the concert to be staged on the upper oval. Congratulations to Mrs Davey, Mr McGuffin and Kindy and Pre-Primary staff for teaching the songs performed so enthusiastically by our almost 400 students, and for all staff for their support of the event.

I would also like to acknowledge Year 6 students Grace B and Megan V, who were the creative thinkers behind the idea of travelling around the world through music when it wasn’t possible to do so in a practical sense. Music Leaders Grace and Megan, originally hatched a plan that would have seen a digital recording made of each class performing music from their own corner of the globe, to be shared with the school community. How fortunate we were to experience this live! Thank you to all our students for bringing us so much joy with their wonderful performances.

Kindness, Consideration and Service for Others

Thank you to everyone in our community who has already contributed generously to the St Vincent de Paul appeal and the Give Write initiative. Your donations of grocery items for Christmas and stationery items for the 2021 school year continue to be gratefully accepted, and passed on to those in need. Despite often considerable evidence to the contrary at times, children absorb the things we say and do; and subconsciously form views about what it is that the adults in their lives value. Kindness, consideration and service for others are noble personal qualities to aspire to.

School Board

Today you will have received information about three parents who have kindly offered to be part of our School Board, starting in February 2021, and for a period of one, two or three years. Board members are ‘your voice’ during this time and I strongly encourage you to consider what each of the nominees bring to the Board, and take two minutes to vote. My grateful thanks to Felicity Maher, Steve Hendry and Kate Bardill for their willingness to serve the community in this way.

End of Term

There are only seven days of school remaining, and for the majority of Kapinara students this involves swimming lessons! An unusually large number of personal items will likely disappear during this time. Please try to mark personal items with your child’s initials – at least. On Friday afternoon we will gather items of ‘lost property’ and put them out under the two large trees in front of the school office. We will do the same next Wednesday afternoon following the final swimming lesson.


We are fortunate to require only a small number of rules, but those that we have are in place to keep everyone safe (physically and emotionally). They remain important until the end of term, and are particularly important as everyone becomes increasingly tired and/or excited and often decreasingly able to manage their emotions and behaviour.

Being respectful (of yourself and others) and being kind (to oneself and others) cover most behaviours, but I also urge everyone (children and adults) to stay safe travelling to and from school. This includes arriving at school and leaving school.

  • Please do not walk, or allow your child to walk or bring bikes through the staff carpark or down the staff driveway
  • Please don’t pull into, and reverse out of, driveways on Catesby St at pick-up or drop-off times
  • Please keep ‘Kiss and Drive’ flowing smoothly

Thank you for being part of a school community that values kindness, respect and keeping each other safe!

Best wishes