Latest News Week 4

Dear Parents and Carers

Assemblies are back!

While WA remains relatively safe, we are welcoming families back on site for their children’s assemblies. As I indicated in my letter to families last week, we have made a few changes to make them as safe and ‘manageable’ as possible. There will be Pre-Primary – Year 2 assemblies and Year 3-6 assemblies, and merit certificates won’t be handed out at this time. The changes are intended to achieve several things – the number of people (particularly adults) in the undercover area at any one time; the time each class will spend attending assemblies over a reduced period of time; and the focus of messages for students of different ages. Having said that, some classes are ‘doubling up’ to present an item at assemblies. We simply ask that adults do not attend if they are unwell, and that they reasonable social distances are maintained among different families. Thank you J This week we kick off with the children in Pre-Primary 1 and Pre-Primary 2!

Parent Afternoon

We invite you to pop into your child’s classroom on the afternoon of Tuesday 25 August. Classrooms will be open from 3:00 – 6:00pm and the work on display will include some of the learning students completed for Science Week the previous week. This is intended to be an informal time for you (and your children) to view evidence of some of the learning your child has been completing at school. While this will also be an opportunity to say hi to your child’s teacher(s), please remember that if you would like to speak about your child, this should be done in the confidential confines of an interview, phone call or email. While the idea of an ‘interview’ or ‘parent-teacher meeting’ sounds formal, please don’t let this put you off arranging an informal chat with your child’s teacher to catch-up or touch-base – just not on the 25 August! Some more information, in terms of managing the number of parents in classrooms at a given time, will follow. 

Faction Carnival

At this point in time, we are planning to have parents join us on the day of the Faction Athletics carnival. We will provide you with more information about this soon. Faction ‘jumps and throws’ are scheduled for Wednesday 26 August, and interschool athletics for Wednesday 16 September. It’s been great to see students attending Athletics Club before school on Monday and Tuesdays.

Due to the cancellation of the local schools’ cross country event last term, selected students have accepted the opportunity to participate in an event organised by School Sport WA. Best wishes to those participating this Thursday (13 August). Thank you for representing Kapinara. 

School Development Days

Some School Development Days are set by the Department of Education, such as the two at the beginning of the year. Others offer Independent Public Schools like ours, some flexibility to meet the needs of the school for the purposes of professional learning, planning and review etc. Flexible School Development Days (SDD) are generally scheduled to provide families with as much lead time as possible, and specific days in the year are presented to the School Board for consideration. This year we had scheduled a SDD in May to enable all staff to attend one day of the Positive Schools Conference. The conference was cancelled/postponed and rescheduled for the end of November due to COVID-19 measures. For several reasons, I recently asked the Board to consider amending the date in November, bringing it forward to the last day of this term, Friday 25 September. This was endorsed and I’m hoping that families will have sufficient time to allow for this change. The remaining SDD remains the same (Monday 12 October), the first day of Term 4.

YMCA, who provide out of school hours’ care on-site, are committed to offering full-day programs on each of these SDDs, as well as the throughout the next vacation period – irrespective of the number of children who are booked in. That is, they will not cancel this provision if there is a small number of children enrolled. This is consistent with the agreement we had in place when YMCA was selected to provide this service.

School Jumpers

Next time you are popping a school jumper into the wash, could you please quickly check the tag to make sure your child has brought home the correct jumper. There have been a few unintended swaps recently. Thank you!


Congratulations to our Physical Education and Health teacher, Elisabeth Burrows, who was married on the school holiday break. On behalf of the staff and school community, I’d like to wish Liz and her husband Russ, every happiness for the future. Ms Burrows will retain her last name and can be contacted via the same Departmental email address.

Best wishes
Elizabeth Blackwell

Year 4 students are looking for donations of succulents for a project.  If you have any cuttings, could you please send them to the Art Room?  We are avoiding cactus for obvious reasons.