Latest News – Week 1

Message from the Deputy

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome back to Term 4. I hope that you and your families had a lovely break and that you managed to get in some down time with your children.

Staff returned yesterday and finished Part 2 of a professional learning session that commenced on the last day of Term 3 called ‘The Daily Dozen Professional Development for Brain-Based Teaching, Learning and Well-Being’. This was a fast paced session with lots for teachers to take back and implement in their classrooms. In the afternoon Joanne Dixon led a session whereby teachers had the opportunity to moderate student work samples in the Science as a Human Endeavour strand of the Science Curriculum. The final afternoon session was led by Kylie Powell. Kylie introduced teachers to a range of new picture books that have been purchased to support teacher implementation of the Aboriginal Cultural Standards Framework, the purpose of which is to guide staff to incorporate culturally responsive attitudes, values and behaviours into their everyday work. In the last part of the session teachers reviewed online resources English to be used in 2021 by staff and students. All in all, it was a productive day and set the scene for a positive start to Term 4.

Damage to the school

Unfortunately, there was some significant damage done to the school over the holidays in the form of graffiti and a lot of rubbish strewn about. Our cleaners, as well as specialist cleaners sent out by the department, spent many hours removing the offending material. This work took our cleaners way from their routine cleaning duties and has come at a considerable cost to the school.

If you notice people hanging around the school after hours can you please call the police on 131444. If you have neighbours that do not come to our school, could you please mention to them that we have had some issues with vandalism and that we would appreciate their support in reporting any suspicious activity.

Upcoming events and activities

As always, we have a busy time ahead with the following taking place in the first few weeks of term.

Year 6 camp: Our Year 6s head off to Rottnest for their camp in the morning and return on Friday afternoon (14 – 16 October, 2020). We wish them wonderful weather and a great experience with their peers and teachers. Parents of Year 6 students are advised that in the event of an emergency, Joanne Dixon, Camp Coordinator, can reached on 0439 455 615.

Protective Behaviours for Kindy: Ms Ali Fisher, who has presented the series of lessons in many schools including ours, will be presenting six sessions for children from Kindergarten during the first 6 weeks of Term 4. 

Swim Squad: Liz Burrows and Dean Hodgson are running a before school Swim Squad for Year 3 – 6 students, commencing Tuesday, 20 October 2020.

Assembly 3F: we look forward to an amazing performance from 3F on Friday, 23 October. This will be attended by the Year 3 to 6 classes and the parents of the students in Year 3F.

Save the date: Arts Night Miss Trovarelli and her band of helpers are busy with their preparations for Arts Night which is set for Thursday, 29 October from 5 – 7pm.

Change of assembly date

The assembly date for Year 5/6 has changed from the 6th November to the 13th November due to a scheduled school triathalon event. 

Pre-Primary Picnic

Parents and carers are invited to join PP1 and PP2 students on the lower oval during their lunchbreak next Thursday, 22 October 2020,  11.30-12.30. You only need a picnic rug and lunch. Please provide children with their regular healthy lunches; the treat is having you share their lunchtime!