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ICAS Assessments

Please refer to the note sent home via email this week regarding ICAS Assessments for Years 2-6. Please note registrations close this week, Sunday 2nd August. 
ICAS Assessments Years 2-6 Information Note

Science Week

This term we will be celebrating Science Week in school from Monday 17th to Friday 21st August. The theme this year is Deep Blue: innovations for the future of our oceans. This is a great theme for Western Australia and particularly for Kapinara, given our proximity to the ocean. As part of the celebration, there will be a library display of work done in the build up to the week, and there will be a day of activities related to the ‘Deep Blue’ theme during Science Week. 

One of our focus areas with Science this year is ‘Science as a Human Endeavour’. This involves students developing an appreciation of the unique nature of science, including how our current knowledge has developed over time through the actions of many people. Science as a Human Endeavour also explores how science affects peoples lives’, including their work, and how it is influenced by society and used to inform decisions and actions. Science Week is a perfect opportunity for us to demonstrate this strand of science and we are aware that we have many parents who work in scientific fields. We would welcome any parents who would like to share their scientific expertise with our students in Science Week, with the aim of showcasing specific expertise (marine science, oil and gas exploration, medicine etc), how science can be used at work, how it shapes our society and/or how we use it to think critically when making decisions. A number of parents have already offered to come in, however, if anyone else would like to participate in our Science Week celebration and share their expertise or run an activity with a class, please contact Joanne Dixon at or 9385 9022. We look forward to hearing from you.
Joanne Dixon

Internet/Digital Technology Agreements

As our world becomes ever more connected and advances in technology change the way we communicate, work, play, teach and learn, responsible digital citizenship becomes ever more important. Responsible digital citizenship can be defined as ‘using technology appropriately and operating online safely and knowledgeably’.

Teaching those skills to our children should begin early and involve the whole community. This semester we will trialing new internet/digital technology agreements with our students that have a focus on our school values of integrity, love of learning, resilience, respect and critical and creative thinking. The aim is for the students to take ownership of their technology use and interact positively, safely and respectfully with technology.  T?he original agreements, signed at the start of the year, form part of the new agreements and do not need resigning for the trial.

There will be a Digital Technologies curriculum focus in the classroom on the safe and responsible use of digital technologies to accompany the trial. We are also hoping to organise a parent/carer session on cyber safety and kids, for later in the term. Should you have any questions, or wish to be more involved, please contact Joanne Dixon at or 9385 9022.

Term Planner/Calendar

Our new term planner setup is now accessible on our website. We hope you like it, we do!  There will be a link from the home page added soon, but for now it can be accessed via the Parent Information tab. Term Planner