Latest News 9.11.21

Payments Due and Reminders

Kindy Protective Behaviours $34 – Payment

Orchestra and Choir rehearsals will be on this week
As Mrs Burrows will be attending the Year 6 camp, Swim Squad will not go ahead tomorrow afternoon. 

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Carers

Book Fair

Thank you to everyone for getting into the spirit of our Book Fair last week. In addition to putting more books into eager hands, we also received a credit with Scholastic. Mrs Moore has already ordered just over $1000 worth of new books, which we were able to purchase for just over $700, and we have credit remaining, which is fabulous. A special thank you is also extended to families who donated a book to the school library. Thank you to Joanne Moore, who at Book Fair time runs between Kapinara and the other school at which she works. We are also grateful to parents Kirsten P, Tash B, Rhonda P, Fee W, Natalie V, Helen V, Katherine B and John S, who processed all those book orders!


On Friday last week, just over twenty of our Year 5 and 6 students participated in School Sport WA’s Champion Primary School event at Champion Lakes. On behalf of the school community I would like to acknowledge the amazing effort of our students, and their outstanding performance which resulted in Kapinara PS placing second! Congratulations to our students, Miss Burrows and our valued helpers and supporters. I hope you enjoy the ‘action shots’ captured by sports photographer (and husband of Ms Burrows) Russ Ellis.


For some time now, I have found it necessary to inform the School Board and P & C of vandalism that has become a regular occurrence at Kapinara, particularly over the weekend. The mess and damage ranges from broken glass on the ground and damaged shade sails, to discarded smoking devices, bottles and cans, to the lighting of what has so far been small fires. This weekend the damage also included a hole being made in the fencing around our basketball court. Every Monday morning, members of our fabulous team (John, Simon and Luke) have sprung into action to ensure that the school is ‘returned to normal’ before staff and families arrive. While this has been occurring for several years, it has now reached a point where damage and mess is occurring every weekend, and we need to seriously consider applying to have our beautiful school fenced … to ensure it remains a beautiful school. (Yes, we have also investigated the cost and efficacy of CCTV) Applications for fencing funded by the Government are considered annually, in the first half of the year. Sadly, this course of action is likely to be necessary at some point in the foreseeable future. I will keep you informed of any further developments as they occur. Here is a link to some of the damage that is occurring. In the meantime, we would be grateful if you would contact either School Watch on 1800 177 777 or WA Police on 131 444 if you see any suspicious behaviour.

Year 6 Camp

Best wishes to our Year 6 students who head off to Jarrahfall Bush Camp in Dwellingup tomorrow. Stay safe, stay warm and have a great time!

A new word

Today Lily J in Year 2 created a new word –‘enthusiasticness’. Thanks Lily, I’m wondering if you’ve recently been to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at Burswood, or read Roald Dahl’s wonderful book 😉

Best wishes

School Banking – Message from the Commonwealth Bank

For 90 years, our School Banking program has helped children learn about money, reinforced the importance of regular savings and provided structure for parents to support their children to save.
Though the program continues to have strong support from schools, parents and teachers, recent decisions by some state and territory governments because of a review by the corporate regulator mean we are unable to continue providing programs in schools, and we have had to make a difficult decision to close our School Banking program for all government and non-government schools across the country.

Our School Banking program was established in 1931 at a time when having a bank account was not commonplace, and since then we have helped more than 15 million Australians take their first financial steps. This would not have been possible without the wonderful support we have received from schools like yours, including all the parents and volunteers, and for this we are deeply grateful. Thank you.

Even though this is a sad time, School Banking has taught so many young Australians, past and present, the value of money and we believe this should be celebrated. We have created a place for you to share your stories, fondest memories and lessons learnt through the program. To share your story and access our financial education resources, please visit 

Even though the CommBank School Banking program will not be returning to your school after this year, you can continue to make deposits into your child’s Youthsaver account through online transfers or at any CommBank branch. If you need further information please phone 132 221 or visit your local CommBank branch.

School banking at Kapinara will continue from Wednesday 17th November until Wednesday 8th December.

Pick up and Drop Off 

A reminder to parents to please not pull into the school driveway to reverse and change directions when parking. It is very unsafe to do so at pick up and drop off times.

Community News 

Found – Garmin type watch, please see office
Found – Book Fair book left at school