Latest News 3.8.21

Payments and Reminders

ICAS registrations must be done by 4th August (tomorrow). Cut off is final. Click here for registration details.
Year 4 PEAC Testing 4th August, Year 4 students to arrive by 8.30am
Kapinara Soiree Tickets and Permission – Choir, Orchestra and Year 6 Instrumental students
Next School Development Day – Friday 20 August – Students do not attend

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Carers

NAIDOC Week and International Friendship Day
We were delighted to have been able to host two assemblies in two weeks, and with all students from Pre-Primary to Year 6. The students in 6W hosted a NAIDOC themed assembly at the end of Week 1. The class was joined by the choir to sing Gina William’s Wanjoo and then shared a photographic presentation of the day they spent at the Perth Hills Discovery Centre at the end of Term 2. The excursion provided all the Year 6 students with an opportunity to experience aspects of Aboriginal culture that connected them to the natural environment. The following week, the students in 6L hosted an assembly focused on friends and friendship to celebrate International Friendship Day. The class presented a very entertaining play based on a traditional fairy tale, Red Riding Hood. The ‘take-away’ being that one should not judge a book by its cover … and that misunderstandings might be satisfactorily addressed over a cup of tea and a chat. The Year 6s had also surveyed the students in other classes to gain their perspectives on friendship, which included the following insights.

Friends play with you, listen to you, include you, help you and and make you feel better when you are feeling sad.
Friends accept you for being you and make you feel good about yourself.


‘Wellbeing’ was front and centre when the School Board met last night. Most of the discussion was focused on identifying a range of things that might potentially become a focus in our next Business Plan. The ideas, which have emerged from within our school community, will be shared in a survey that will be distributed electronically to families in the coming weeks. There will be an opportunity for further community input about ‘what matters most’, when you receive the survey.

For each of the last four years, our students in Years 4-6 have been invited to participate in a ‘Wellbeing’ survey. The survey, called the Wellbeing and Engagement Census, was developed by the South Australian Department for Education. After trialling and implementing the survey across South Australian schools, it was made available to Western Australian schools in 2018. The information from the survey enables us to monitor student cohorts as they move from Year 4 to Year 5 and Year 6; to compare data about our students to those of a significantly larger number of their peers; and to identify any specific areas of strength and/or concern for our student groups. The survey does not gather or provide information about individual students. We receive information about the collective group of students in Years 4-6 and also about the Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 cohorts. The latter is really helpful as the ‘issues’ can vary among children of different ages. The attachment provides more information for parents of students in Years 4-6. We plan to offer the survey at a cost of $5 to students in Weeks 4 and 5 and it will be completed in class.


The Soiree (which was once known as ‘Strings Night’) will be held in the auditorium at Loretto Nedlands Primary School, where Mrs Davey teaches when she is not at Kapinara. This special annual event will showcase the Choir, Orchestra and Year 6 students who are part of the instrumental music program.

5ZT Assembly

Our next assembly will be hosted by students in 5ZT and is scheduled for 13 August … and just a reminder that the following Friday (20 August) is our final School Development Day for the year. We will be focused on developing our next three-year business plan, and our students will be enjoying a long weekend!

Best wishes

Elizabeth Blackwell

Soiree Tickets

Thank you to all families who have already purchased their tickets for the upcoming Soirée. If you are intending to purchase tickets but have not yet done so, could you please do so as soon as possible. We will be opening up the remaining tickets soon to those that have indicated that they would like to bring additional family members. Purchases available through Qkr.

Cheer on our Olympic Hero!

Tune in on Friday to watch one of our ex-students race in the Women’s K4 Canoe Sprint scheduled to race at 9.37am. Shannon Reynolds graduated in 2007 from Kapinara and in 2012 from Churchlands Senior High School. She has had a very successful sporting career covering many sporting areas. Go for Gold Shannon!