Latest News Week 9

Faction Cross Country Event

The 2020 Faction Cross Country event was held last Friday 19th June. Students produced fantastic performances demonstrating determination and persistence. One of the most exciting races was the Year 5 boys race which was very fiercely contested. Our Year 6 faction and tech leaders did a fantastic job of assisting us on the day making sure the event ran smoothly. We would like to thank staff and parents for their support this year, and let’s hope we are able to hold the carnival under more ‘normal’ conditions next year. 


1st 2nd 3rd
Strickland 960 Elliott 1065 Winter 1156


  1st 2nd
YEAR 1 GIRLS Sienna L Scarlett M
YEAR 1 BOYS Kurt V Archie W
YEAR 2 GIRLS Billie M Annabel T
YEAR 2 BOYS Nixon G David M
YEAR 3 BOYS Xavier M Elliot M
YEAR 3 GIRLS Harper T Clara B
YEAR 4 BOYS Arki E Max B
YEAR 5 GIRLS Chelsea H Milla T
YEAR 5 BOYS Christopher D Jeremy F
YEAR 6 GIRLS Stephanie W Bronte B
YEAR 6 BOYS Eita S Xavier P

Miss Burrows & Mr Hodgson 

2021 Kindy & PrePrimary enrolments

The closing date for Applications to be received for Kindy and Pre-Primary positions for 2021 is 24th July 2020. If your child is currently attending our Kapinara Kindy you are required to submit a Pre-Primary application for 2021 before this date. Please visit our enrolment page for more information and the application form.