Latest News 15/6/21

Forms and Payments Due

2022 Kindy and Pre-Primary Applications
Mary Poppins Excursion Payment and Permission – Years 1-3
Interschool Cross Country Payment and Permission – Selected Year 3-6

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Carers

This morning I spoke to one of our close neighbours who had been distressed when she was unable to get out of her driveway, because someone had parked in it during school drop-off. In addition to the practice being unsafe, because it necessitates reversing onto Catesby St when it is so busy, it prevented someone leaving their home this morning. We are grateful that we have neighbours who keep an eye on the perimeter of our school, both during and outside regular school hours, and they are part of our broader community. Please work with us to ensure these families and their properties are treated with consideration and respect. Thank you.

Further to this, we are doing everything we can to ensure the ‘Kiss and Drive’ process works smoothly and efficiently before and after school. Please do everything in your power to support this. There are two paths leading from Catesby St to the school – one that is no longer used, and is lesser known, leads to some stairs that in turn lead to the original ‘school office’. Please consider this path a cut-off point for children getting into cars at the end of the school day. Mrs Dixon is usually standing at about this point directing students to where the first six or seven cars are located in ‘Kiss and Drive’! This will help keep traffic flowing.

Family Survey

Thanks once again for completing the family survey. You’ll recall that we were wanting to capture characteristics of our demographic, and gain family perspectives on matters such as the dress code, homework and school-home communication. The School Board was pleased to be able to consider information families had provided about specific items of our school uniform; and to be able to liaise with the P & C’s Uniform Shop in this regard. It is great to see a number of our students already wearing their long-sleeved polo shirts.

We have made the survey data available on our website if you would like to see the responses pertaining to Kapinara’s demographic and to the other matters explored in the survey.

KPS Family Survey 2021

School Board

At last night’s School Board meeting, one of the items we discussed was the nature of information we would like to gather from the community to inform our next Business Plan (2022-2024), and how we might go about doing this. We also briefly considered a small trial of a couple of ‘out of hours’ activities (in addition to the sporting ones we currently have) on site after school. Watch this space for more information 🙂


We are planning to provide children in Years 2-6 with the opportunity to participate in ICAS again this year. Please see next week’s newsfeed for information about this if you are interested.

Mary Poppins

We hope students in Year 6 will gain a lot from their excursion to Perth Hills tomorrow and students in Years 1-3 will have a wonderful time at Mary Poppins on Friday. I look forward to hearing about each and sharing that with you all next week.

Best wishes
Elizabeth Blackwell

Uniform Shop Update

Long sleeve tops have arrived and look amazing! Rain Jackets and Fleece Jackets are plentiful and our order form has been updated by the amazing Zara. The updated order form is always available under Parent Information on the website or you can download it here











Community News

The Herdsman Lake Discovery Centre will be reopening in July (after being closed for over a year!) and we have some great programs on offer for families.
From the 5th to the 16th of July, children of all ages can participate in a variety of fun nature-based school holiday programs including: a carnivorous plant botanical drawing workshop, special NAIDOC-themed sessions, threatened species art workshop, nest box making workshop, terrarium building, campfire cooking, and a collagraph printmaking workshop!
One program that is very limited is our 1 day Nest Box Making Workshop with the Re-Cyc-Ology Project. This is a special family event, where each family will work together to create an amazing nest box that they can either take home or donate to the centre for a long-term monitoring program. This session is only open to 10 families or groups and is expected to book out quickly.