Latest News Week 10


Friday 25th September (last day of Term 3) and Monday 12th October (first day of Term 4) are School Development Days – students do not attend.
Wednesday 23 September is Crazy Sock Day.
Thursday 24 September is an assembly hosted by 1/2TB.


Term 4 Roster – now available through SignUp

Week 1- 13 & 15th October- 1C
Week 2- 20 &22 October- 4P
Week 3 – 27 & 29 Oct- 1/2T
Week 4- 3 & 5th Nov- 3H
Week 5- 10 &12 Nov- 5/6 S
Week 6 – 17 & 19 Nov- 5LJ
Week 7- 24 & 26 Nov- 1T
Week 8 – 1 & 3rd Dec- PP2
Week 9- 8 & 10th Dec- 4ZW
Week 10- 15 &17th Dec- 2BJ

Australian Girls Choir

Flyers were sent home with interested girls today to participate in a workshop being run by the AGC next term. Please return the assessment request to the note drawers in the office by Thursday if you would like your daughter to participate. 

Year 1 and 2 Picnic Lunch

Parents/Carers are invited to join Year 1 and 2 students on the lower oval during their lunch break (12.15-12.55) next Wednesday, 23 September 2020 as outlined in our email last week. You only need a picnic rug and lunch. Please provide children with their regular healthy lunches; the treat is having you share their lunchtime! If you can’t make it next week, we plan to do this again in Term 4 … before it gets too hot.

Crazy Sock Day

Tomorrow Wednesday, 23 September is a Crazy Sock Day fundraiser for all students, from Kindergarten to Year 6. We are raising money for the organisation Take 3 for the Sea. Take 3 for the Sea organises activities including beach clean-ups and visits to schools to educate students about plastic pollution. All students still have to wear their usual school uniform aside from the socks. In order to participate in Crazy Sock Day students are asked to bring a gold coin donation. Learn more about Take 3 for the Sea at

Community News

Flippaball 2020/2021 – Schools Years 3-6
Come and try days – 24th September & 15 October (3.45-4.45pm) Newman College Pool
More information and registration can be found on the Newman Water Polo website

Carine Calisthenics Club invites you to take advantage of our TWO free classes to all new members.    Our sport is perfect for all ages.  Learning skills such as singing and dancing, gymnastics, simplified ballet, club swinging, marching, rod twisting – all these covered in one class! Come and join in the fun of Calisthenics and meet lots of new friends! Want more information? Email or contact Sandra on 0403 078 009

The Coronavirus disruption of the past months has caused much angst and anxiety for every generation – school children out of their comfort zones doing school work at home, their parents hugely concerned about their job security, income streams, etc. and teachers struggling to ensure that their students are coping remotely and subsequently are readjusting to their classroom routines and are catching up with their curriculum targets. As a result many schools have observed that their students circumstantially are struggling with increased levels of anxiety.
On Wednesday the 28th of October Helen Davidson from BestPrograms4Kids will be speaking about helping students to cope with Covid-related anxiety. Her talk will assist both parents and teachers to help students to accept the situation in which we now find ourselves, to recognise that things have changed and to adjust to those changes.
If you have any queries about this talk contact Jeanette Wood on A follow up flyer will be sent to the schools at the start of Term 4 to detail time, place, cost, etc.