Kiss ‘n’ Drive

Many families may be new to Kiss and Drive, so please see below. Following these simple rules maximises both the safety and efficiency of the Kiss and Drive process.

  1. Please always join the end of the queue
  2. Continuously move your car forward until you reach the loading area, ensuring gaps don’t open up between your car and the car in front of you
  3. Adults are to remain inside vehicles during drop off and pick up
  4. Children should exit the car on the side of the path (never on the road)
  5. Please have children travel with their bags in easy reach to speed up loading and unloading – For example, at their feet or on the front seat if children are sitting in the back (not in the boot or out of reach so that the driver needs to get out of the car)
  6. Please exit the Kiss and Drive zone promptly
  7. If your child is delayed, please go around the block and queue again.

If you have other family members accessing Kiss and Drive, please explain how this is intended to work, particularly the importance of joining the end of the queue and adults remaining in the car

Thank you 🙂