Kapinara PS School Song Lyrics – Submission Process

Dear members of the Kapinara school community,

Last November, the School Board advised that it would put a process in place in 2019 for the school community to update the lyrics of the Kapinara school song.
We are now pleased to invite all interested members of the school community to submit alternative lyrics for the first verse. 
Students, parents/carers, school staff and former students are all encouraged to provide suggestions.

The lyrics to be rewritten are those up to, and retaining, ‘we’ve got Kapinara, and Kapinara’s fine, fine, fine’.  The lyrics should be consistent with the school song’s existing rhythm and tune.  You are welcome to offer lyrics for the entire verse or for specific lines, as the final lyrics may be compiled from multiple submissions.  There is no limit to the number of submissions each family or person can offer.

Without wanting to limit ideas, some possible themes you may wish to draw upon include:

  • the values of the school and its students;
  • the Aboriginal language origins of the school’s name;
  • the school’s unique historical connection to the 1962 British Empire and Commonwealth Games and the common values underpinning the school and those of the Games; or
  • what it means to you to be a Kapinara kid.

To assist, the existing song’s lyrics and examples of other schools’ songs (Millen PS; Spencer Park PSMt Hawthorn PS) are available online.

Classroom teachers will also be encouraging students to participate in this challenge either individually or with assistance from parents.  While most of the lyrics of the second verse will remain unchanged, the continuing relevance of words such as ‘busyness’ and ‘cleanliness’ will be ascertained from classroom discussions with students around ‘what Kapinara means to me’. These words may be replaced with suggestions from the students, depending on the outcome of those discussions.

Please either email your suggested lyrics to kapinara.ps@education.wa.edu.au or place a copy in the drawer in reception marked ‘School Song’ by close of business Monday 21 October 2019.  The author/s of the revised lyrics will be acknowledged at a future assembly; however, proposals may also be submitted anonymously. Any questions should be directed to the Chair, Kapinara School Board at Kapinara.ps@education.wa.edu.au.

We look forward to an enthusiastic response to this challenge and cannot wait to see what the creative literary minds within our school community produce. We’re sure you’ll all embrace this unique and exciting opportunity to create a contemporary, engaging and inspiring school song that will be sung by the children of Kapinara for many years to come.

Yours sincerely

Dale Miller
Chair, Kapinara School Board

4 September 2019