P&C Newsletter Week 2

Hello Kapinara Families, 
With restrictions easing this term we plan on resuming cake stalls later in the term, just need to remember to keep up the good work with hand hygiene and social distancing.
Our next P&C meeting is Tuesday 4 August. Participants are now able to attend in person, with the meeting being held in the staff room starting at 7pm.

Picture Plates/Water Bottle Fundraiser
Thanks to everyone who took part in this fundraiser. Ordering is now complete and finished products are expected to be received back from the manufacturer and sent home by the end of this term.

Entertainment Books
Entertainment Book memberships for 2020-21 are now available for purchase in digital format via https://www.entertainment.com.au/orderbooks/8o3491 – memberships are valid for 12 months from date of purchase, making this a more flexible way to save than ever before. This is a significant source of funds for the P&C and the school, and we are grateful to you for choosing to purchase yours through Kapinara. If you are new to the Entertainment Book or new to the digital version and prefer to try before you buy, trial options will be available later this year – stay tuned for more details. Please email kapinarafamilies@gmail.com with questions.

Please see the attached flyer for the Redhage Basketball program running after school on Fridays at Kapinara in term 3 (starts this week on Friday 31 July).  The Redhage team is looking forward to returning to coach the Kapinara kids! 

Redhage Basketball

School Banking
School banking has recommenced on Wednesday mornings in the stairwell outside the uniform shop before school.

Due to the pause of the school banking program in term 1 and term 2, Commonwealth Bank has acknowledged that students were unable to make deposits in the usual way and therefore missed out on receiving tokens for their deposits.  CBA have decided to give active School Banking students an ex-gratia reward item. This means that any bankers who completed at least one deposit in term 1 will be eligible to receive a reward item without needing 10 tokens.  To collect your reward please attend the school banking on Wednesday mornings and speak to Thanh.

Uniform Shop
The uniform shop is now open to parents on Thursday mornings from 8.30-9am for those who would like to attend onsite. The uniform shop continues to encourage online ordering, forms can be found on the school website and should be emailed to kapinara.uniform@gmail.com.

The P&C is still looking for a volunteer to take over running of the uniform shop by the start of 2021. Hours and days are very flexible, making this a great role for someone looking to work around childcare or other commitments. If you are interested please email Nikki at kapinara.uniform@gmail.com 

Canteen is welcoming back volunteers in term 3. Based on feedback in term 2, we have made some updates to our menu to ease the burden on volunteers while working to provide increased choice. Menu changes include more fresh salad and sandwich options, more in-house (not processed) hot meal options, and potential theme days. Hot drinks are offered in winter (terms 2-3) and icecreams and icy poles will be included on the summer menu. 

Pikelets have not yet been added back to the menu – pikelet making is very labour intensive and requires a volunteer for a whole shift to make them. Fruit options have been very popular which is great to see. Ideas for menu items to add are always welcome. The new menu is attached.
Volunteers are asked to register via SignUp by clicking on the link   https://signup.com/go/mNmimWB

Canteen shifts are either half shifts from 8.45am-10.45am or 10.45-1pm, or a full shift 8.45-1pm. Parents volunteering for a half shift receive a free recess for their child, and those volunteering for a full shift receive a free lunch for their child. Hand washing and following strict hygiene measures are of critical importance for all those who are volunteering – canteen manager Kirsten has completed Covid-safe food service training and is well placed to provide guidance. 
**It is really important that volunteers let the canteen manager know if they are sick. They should NOT attend if they are unwell or feel that they are coming down with something. The canteen will adapt to manage this, and can do a reduced menu that day if needed.**

Term 3 canteen roster

Week 1- 5/6S– 21 & 23 July

Week 2- 1T– 28 & 30 July

Week 3- 5LJ- 4 & 6 August

Week 4- PP2– 11 & 13 August

Week 5- 4ZW– 18 & 20 August

Week 6 – 2BJ– 25 & 27 August

Week 7- 3F– 1 & 3 September

Week 8- PP1– 8 & 10 September

Week 9- 2D – 15 & 17 September

Week 10- 5/6D – 22 & 24 September

For orders please go to quickcliq.com.au and sign up to order recess and lunch. Please email kapinarafamilies@gmail.com if you have any questions. Thanks for your support of the canteen and your P&C.  

Kapinara Canteen Menu – 2020 Term 3