Hiring of Choir and Orchestra Uniforms

Choir and Orchestra Uniforms

The Hiring of Choir and Orchestra uniforms is now available.

Next Friday 6th September the choir students will perform at the school assembly and Miss LI would like everyone in their uniforms.

Boys uniform is black pants, white long sleeve collared shirt and school tie.

Girls uniform is tartan pleated skirt, white long sleeve collared shirt and school tie.

All student need to wear black shoes (not available from uniform shop)

These are available to hire from the uniform shop. A $50 bank transfer deposit is required and on return of uniforms at the end of the year a $40 refund will be given back to you. So cost of hire is $10.

Order Forms are available at the uniform shop.

We are opening the shop tomorrow Friday 30th August, for choir hire tomorrow morning and afternoon , 8.15- 9.00am, & 2.45-3.30.

We will also be available to do hires on next Tuesday and Thursday usual uniform hours 8.30-9.00am

If you can’t attend with your child let them know what items need to be hired from us and we can help them out.


Nikki – 0417 919 824

Lan – 0425 430 919