General News Week 5

Drop off and pickups outside school hours
We are unsure at this point as to when the Government will give their recommendation for parents to be allowed back on school sites. Until then, could we please continue with our current format for medical appointments etc.
Students arriving/leaving during school hoursemail the office/teacher with collection or drop off times. When dropping off, students can walk down from the kiss and drive, however please wait until you see a admin staff member acknowledge their arrival. When leaving, once the student has identified your car in kiss and drive they will be sent up from the office. There are no sign in or outs necessary as your email is authorisation.

Drop off and pickup items
Any forgotten items that need to be given to your child eg water bottles, hats can be left in the drop off box outside the office door. They will be taken to your child’s class. Please ensure they are clearly named.

Year 5 Science Journals

Officemax has been unable to supply one of the two Science Journals as requested on the 2020 Personal Requirements List for the Year 5s. As a result, we will be processing a $6 refund to the student accounts for this year level. This can remain a credit for future costs, or if you would prefer the refund to be sent to your bank account, please contact the office. 

Mobile phones
Please remind your child that if they have a mobile phone, it needs to be handed into the box in the office for the duration of the day.

Message from the Kapinara PS Student Councillors
This term we are introducing something new to the school, ‘idea boxes’. They will be placed around the school. One will be in the ‘dungeon’, one in the upper corridor and smaller individual boxes for the classes with Year 2s on the veranda.
We are encouraging children to place their fabulous ideas or suggestions in the boxes. Realistic and appropriate ideas would be mirrors in the bathrooms or special games to play at lunch. It would be fabulous if they could write why this idea would be good. Younger children might like to ask you to help them if they have a lot to write. We want every voice to be heard.
Noa M, Ewan B, Chloe Y and Ephie K

School Development Days 
Friday 3rd July (Last day of Term 2)
Monday 12th October (First day of Term 4) and
Friday 27th November

Child’s gold ring, please contact the office

A note from clinical psychologist Andrew Fuller

It is Clear who is in Charge
Families do not work well as democracies. In fact they seem to work best as benevolent dictatorships in which the parent or parents consult a lot with their children but at the end of the day, the parent has the final say.
Some parents fear that if they take charge that they will lose the friendship of their children, but often the reverse is true. In families where parents fail to take their own role seriously, children may feel that to express their independence they need to engage in risk-taking behaviour and avoid responsibility.