Faction Carnival Update (including Assembly & ICAS)

Dear Parents and Carers

Like us, you have probably noted that Wednesday’s predicted forecast is less than ideal for a Faction Athletics Carnival. While showers seem almost certain, it is also anticipated that there will be reasonably strong winds. For this reason, we have made the decision to move the Faction Carnival to FRIDAY (4 September). At this stage the forecast for Friday is a maximum of 21, partly cloudy and with light winds.

We are highly aware that there are families who have arranged work schedules to enable them to attend on Wednesday, and the decision to move the carnival to Friday wasn’t a decision taken lightly. I hope that many of you will be able to attend on Friday instead.

Please see below for details re ICAS Maths (Years 3-6); Year 1T and 1C Assembly and Faction Carnival ALL ON FRIDAY. Here is the running sheet for the Faction Carnival.
Thank you for your understanding and support.

Best wishes


** Students in Years 3-6 will still do their ICAS Maths assessments on Friday morning AS PLANNED.  The assessments MUST commence at 8:00am.

Year 1T and 1C Assembly

** Children in 1T and 1C will host the P-2 assembly on Friday morning AS PLANNED.

Faction Carnival

9:00am                 Long Distance Races  

  • Year 3 girls and Year 3 boys 400m races
  • Year 4 girls and Year 4 boys 400m races
  • Year 5 girls and Year 5 boys 800m races
  • Year 6 girls and Year 6 boys 800m races

9:30am                 Sprints (Divisions A-C)

  • Kindy Girls then Kindy Boys 50 m races
  • Pre-Primary Girls then Pre-Primary Boys 50m races
  • Year 1 Girls then Year 1 Boys 50m races
  • Year 2 Girls then Year 2 Boys 75m races
  • Year 3 Girls then Year 3 Boys 75m races
  • Year 4 Girls then Year 4 Boys 75m races
  • Year 5 Girls then Year 5 Boys 100m races
  • Year 6 Girls then Year 6 Boys 100m races

**           Kindy, Pre-Primary, Year 1 and Year 2 students will return to their classes after these students have completed their races

12:00-12:30pm    LUNCH

  • Year 1-6 students can sit with their parents

12:30pm               Team Events

  • Hurdle Relays (Year 2 through to Year 6)
    eg Year 2 Girls followed by Year 2 Boys
  • Passball  (Year 2 through to Year 6)
  • Tactic Ball (Year 2 through to Year 6)
  • Baton Relays (Year 3 through to Year 6)