COVID update 5th February

Dear Families

This is a quick email to confirm that:

  • school will be up and running on Monday ?
  • all staff will be wearing masks
  • all adults who come to school must be wearing masks (as they need to be anyway)
  • teachers will be able to remove masks when they are ‘teaching’, giving instructions etc as the priority will be on getting messages across with clarity, but must wear masks at all other times
  • when I email details about Monday morning, I will suggest how we might help children who may experience anxiety with us all wearing masks!
  • swimming lessons for students in Years 5 and 6 will go ahead, commencing Wed
  • Out of School Hours Care will be available before and after school
  • for the purposes of referring to term planners etc, we will call next week ‘Week 2’

I will send a further email to clarify details about pick-up and drop-off on Monday. We just need to make a few adjustments to the original plan.

We will also clarify arrangements for PP and Kindy students, including ‘finish times’ for Kindergarten children next week and the week after. I can confirm that it will be the Tues/Thurs Kindy group that attends next Friday.

Off to collect boxes of face-masks!

Take care everyone.

Elizabeth 🙂