Faction Swimming Carnival

Nomination Form

Running Sheet

Welcome to Faction swimming 2020. This year’s faction carnival will be held at HBF Stadium, 100 Stephenson Ave, Mount Claremont WA 6010, on Friday March 13 from 9:00am until around 12:00pm. The event will take place in the indoor 8 lane pool.

The schedule for the day is as follows:

  • Welcome
  • 50m breaststroke
  • 50m backstroke
  • 50m freestyle
  • 50m butterfly
  • 25m breaststroke
  • 25m freestyle
  • Championship trophy awarded to winning faction
  • Champion girls and boys and runners up medals awarded
  • Close of competition

Confident swimmers in year 4, 5 and 6 are asked to nominate for at least two of the 50-metre events. (Children will be selected for the interschool swimming competition based on their performance in the faction swimming carnival.) The 50-metre events include freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. There will be no 200m events in this year’s interschool carnival or faction carnival.

Children who are not as confident at swimming the 50-metre events will be able to nominate for the 25-metre freestyle and breaststroke events instead. Please DO NOT nominate for both the 50m AND the 25-metre event of the same stroke. 25-metre events will be participation event only and will have no ribbons issued or points allocated to them.

Children swimming in the 50-meter events will be placed into heats. At the end of these heats, the times will be compared and 1st to 4th places will be decided. A draw will result in two ribbons being presented.

50-metre butterfly events will be filled by children who nominate for those races. These events will count towards the championship trophies.

The school and community place a strong emphasis on all our students developing confidence and competence in and around water and with this in mind we ask that all students nominate for a minimum of two events.

Many thanks go out to parents who have participated in the past. It is likely that we will require the assistance of 16-24 parents as up to 3 per lane may be needed as backup for the electronic timing.

Children will be seated on the south side of the pool in their factions and parents will be seated in the visitors’ section on the north side of the pool. Parents will be required to pay a $2.60 entry fee. We ask that parents and siblings refrain from entering the competitors’ section. Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed at HBF Stadium unless they are assistance dogs.

Queries about this event can be forwarded via email to  Elizabeth.Burrows@education.wa.edu.au  or Dean.Hodgson@education.wa.edu.au

Kind Regards

Dean Hodgson and Elizabeth Burrows

Year 5 and 6 In term Swimming

The Year 5 and 6 Interm swimming program 2020

Date of excursion:    Wednesday 5 February 2020 – Friday 14 February 2020 (8-day series)

Transport:                  Bus with seatbelts

Venue:                        Cottesloe Beach


Class Depart School Lesson Commences Arrive back at school
5LZ and 5/6S and 5/6D 8.45am 9.10am 10.10am


Click here for further information and permission slip

In-term Swimming Lessons PP – Yr 4

EXCURSION:  Interm Swimming Lessons PP to Year 4

Date of excursion:  Monday 9th December – Thursday 19th December 2019

Year group attending:

Group 1          4W & 2BJ                   Depart school:  8.45am        Return to school:  9.50 am

Group 2          1T & 3FJ                    Depart school:  9.35am        Return to school: 10.40 am

Group 3          1C & 2/3D                  Depart school: 10.35am       Return to school: 11.40 am

Group 4          PP2, 1/2T & 4P           Depart school: 11.25am       Return to school: 12.30 pm

Group 5          PP1 & 3H                    Depart school: 12.15pm       Return to school:   1.20 pm

Transport: Bus with seatbelts

Venue: Bold Park Aquatic

Special requirements: All students are encouraged to be sun-smart; to use sun screen and wear a rashie. Swimming goggles are permitted (snorkelling goggles are not suitable).

Students are to arrive at school in their school uniform. As we are not swimming until the after recess students should bring their labelled bathers, appropriate T-shirt or rash shirt, thongs/slip-on shoes and a towel/poncho in a reusable bag, also labelled. Students will change into their bathers at school, prior to their lesson. Students will change back into school uniform (including regular school shoes) on their return to school.

Students with long hair are requested to have it tied back.

No money or valuables should be taken to the pool.

Bus cost and pool entry:   $53.00

This cost already appears on your Term 4 account.

If your child is unable to attend the entire program, please email Kapinara.PS@education.wa.edu.au

Please direct any questions or concerns to Kapinara.PS@education.wa.edu.au

Please click on the link below for permission slips and hand to your class teachers by Friday 6 December.

PP-Yr4 Swimming Interm Permission note 2019


Sports News Week 9

Athletics Report

Thank you to everyone who attended our athletics carnival last week. It was the first time we have attempted to put the event on over just the one day. We greatly appreciated the
cooperation from both the students and parents to start the day early with the jumps and throws, which enabled the carnival to run to schedule.

There were some brilliant performances by the students throughout the day. Staff worked
tirelessly to ensure the whole event ran smoothly and we really appreciate the help we received from parents to coordinate the field and running events. Thank you to the P&C for providing
delicious snacks and drinks throughout the day and a huge thank you to all those parents and carers who came to support their children and the event.

The overall faction winners of the carnival were Strickland. The champion girls and boys from each year group are listed below.

We are now looking forward to our students competing at the Interschool Athletics Carnival on Tuesday 24th September.  Good luck to all those competing on the day.

Ms Burrows

Year Group Champions
Year 3 Girls Champion

Runner Up

Arabella T

Meg W

Year 3 Boys Champion

Runner Up

Arki E

Jed P

Year 4 Girls Champion

Runner Up

Chelsea H

Stevie S

Year 4 Boys Champion

Runner Up

Owen M

Jeremy F

Year 5 Girls Champion

Runners Up

Stephanie W

Eve A

Year 5 Boys Champions

Runner Up

Will T

Cooper G

Year 6 Girls Champion

Runners Up

Sara L

Jessica W

Year 6  Boys Champion

Runner Up

Seb S

Jethro L

Athletics Carnival Postponed

Dear families

While we are aware that community events are important to many people in our community, an enjoyable and successful sports carnival is first and foremost about the students. Weather forecasts suggest that there is a strong chance that Wednesday will be windy and cold, if not also wet. We have therefore made the decision to postpone the carnival until next Monday, 9 September. Monday and the days either side, appear to be both warm and fine, and are likely to mean a more positive and enjoyable event.

We appreciate that some will be pleased and others disappointed. By making the decision today, we hope to give as many as possible an opportunity to rearrange competing schedules.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Elizabeth Blackwell
Principal Kapinara Primary School

Information on Faction Carnival Day

Our Faction Carnival is just around the corner, in fact its next Wednesday, 4th September and it runs all day for the entire school.

So pack the blanket (maybe an umbrella too!) and come along to enjoy the days events.

For a program of events click here Program of Events.

If you can help out on the day you can fill in this form in and bring it into the office Parent Volunteer Slip



Interschool Cross Country Report

The interschool cross country event was held on Wednesday 26th June 2019 at City Beach Oval. The event was organised and hosted by City Beach Primary School. The weather was kind to us despite a terrible forecast. We had some outstanding results including: Arabella T 2nd and Meg W 3rd in the Year 3 girls race, Nicolas S 4th in the Year 3 boys race, Chelsea H 1st and Milla T 4th in the Year 4 girls race, Louis N 3rd in the Year 6 boys race. The following students finished within the top 10 in their races: Alice P, Jeremy F, Xavier P, Jessica W and Jethro L.

The overall school results were as follows: 5th Kapinara Primary, joint 3rd Floreat Primary and Wembley Downs Primary, 2nd Mt Hawthorn, Wembley Primary were the overall winners. Staff in attendance were: Deb Zaltsman, Elizabeth Blackwell, Dean Hodgson and Elizabeth Burrows.

Cross Country Update 26/6/2019 – 11 am

The Interschool Cross Country carnival scheduled for tomorrow will go ahead as planned. Students and spectators are advised to bring along wet weather gear and a change of clothes.
There will also be barista coffee, teas, water, a sausage sizzle and delicious home baked sweet and savoury treats on sale for parents only.
The program commences at 12.15pm, with Year 3 running first.

Depending on the weather City Beach PS have decided that if it really wet the boys and girls will race together to shorten the time out in the rain. If the weather is fine then the Year 3 boys will be followed by the Year 3 girls and so on up to Year 6.

The schedule has now changed and the carnival will now end at 1.10, with the bus leaving City Beach Oval at 1.30pm.  So the races will be grouped together with boys and girls running at the same time.

Presentations will be held after each race.

We kindly ask that all students return to school on the bus as it makes it difficult to keep track of where students are when parents request to take their child home with them from the venue.
It is also important that we build ‘Kapinara team spirit’ for teams that represent our school and this is facilitated when we travel to and from interschool venues as a team.

We look forward to a great day – see you all there!

General News Week 5

Year 6 Day Camp – 21st May 2019 (Day Camp photos in our Gallery section)

On our Day Camp we grew our leadership skills of perspective and active listening as we learned about Aboriginal culture and how to fish and hunt. We tried some bush tucker such as damper and kangaroo.  There was so much knowledge and understanding of the land and animals that we never realised, like the Aboriginal people adapted themselves, not the environment. We also did lots of other activities like grinding grain, painting our faces with a totem animal and making fire. Lots of parents came to help us with our barbeque and then we did a night walk through the forest to look for native animals – so many spiders and possums! All our learning was done outside surrounded by beautiful native trees and bushes. At the end of the day, our most prized possessions are our memories of the great time and learning we had at the Perth Hills Discovery Centre. Charli, Emma, Charleze, Anna, Luka, Arwen

Running Club

Thanks to all the children who are participating in Running Club, even if it is really cold some mornings!
All children are welcome from Year 1 to 6 and Mums and Dads too!! We will continue through to Week 9  this term.

Faction Cross Country

The Faction Cross Country is on 12 June 2019, commencing just after recess at 10.45am and running through to lunch time. More information will be coming out by the end of the week.

P & C News
Walk to School Day- Friday 31 May.

The P&C are hosting Walk to School Day, where children walk to school and then eat a healthy breakfast together. There will be meeting points at Tilton Park, Templetonia Park and Beecroft Park for those who wish to drive part of the way to school and then walk as a group. Coles Floreat is supporting the school by providing yummy breakfast items for the students.

This is your last chance to purchase tickets for the Disco which is on Friday 7 June. Order forms can be found on the web site or at the front office

Community News
Portable Play Equipment. Due to compliance requirements, the school is disposing of a set of play equipment by public auction. Please see our parent information section for further details.