General News Week 9


2019 Lists are available on the website. Our school access key if you wish to order online direct is W8MU3T


All Term 4 accounts should now be finalised. Please contact the office if you are unable to do so.


Thursday December 13th is the last day of school and as the canteen is closed, the P&C have agreed to support Variety WA to hold a sausage sizzle meal deal for lunch that day. For $5 your child will receive a sausage in a bun, juice box and mini muffin. All lunches need to be pre ordered and handed in to the drawer in the front office with $5 cash and the  Order form by Monday 10/12/18. The sausages provided will be Fail Safe beef sausages and if anyone has any queries please contact Cass Leaman on 0409 107 974 or
All proceeds go to supporting sick and disabled children through Variety WA who sincerely thank Kapinara P&C and families for supporting us in this endeavor.


Lost property will be displayed in the quadrangle from 8.15am on Friday. Please check if any belongs to your family. Please also check the contents of your children’s school bags to make sure you have the correct hat and jumper as many have gone missing. Lost property is stored at the top of the stairs leading to the uniform shop.
Any property not claimed by Friday 7th December will be donated to charity. This is also a timely reminder to label all uniform items and personal belongings before the beginning of the new school year. If items are labelled, they have a much better chance of being returned.


Wednesday 5th December will be the last banking day for this year.

 Kapinara Uniform Shop Update

Last chance this year to get uniforms will be Tuesday 11th December. 8.30-9am
We will be opened Friday the 1st February 9-11am prior to school starting in 2019.
Thanks from Claire and Nikki
P&C Uniform Shop Managers


General News Week 7


2019 Lists are now available on the website. Our school access key if you wish to order online direct is W8MU3T


Please click here for our estimated Voluntary Charges and Contributions for 2019


Final accounts were sent out last week. We ask that you please send through payments before Friday 30th November.


  • There is an absent from school tab on our homepage? Details of your child’s absence will be sent direct to the office and forwarded to your class teacher.
  •  In the gallery are photos of events such as Bookweek, Arts Night and Science Week. We are very mindful of photo permissions and are careful in the photos we select. However if you notice a photo that you would prefer not to be on the website, just let us know and we will remove it immediately. No student names are attached to the images.
  • You can access all areas of our website from your smartphone. Look for the 3 blue bars on the top left for menu items. Forgot to order lunch? Forgotten to advise an absentee? Do it from your phone. 
  •  We have added a Parent Information Links section to the webpage. We are starting to add links to sites that we feel may be of interest to our parents.


The photo of our ‘Count us in’ performance was in the local Post newspaper and a video of the performance on the Post’s Facebook page. Thanks to Miss Li for the great job in bringing it together.







Year 6 Fair—Sausage Sizzle

The Year 6 Fair will held next Wednesday 28th November between 9am and 12.15pm. We have a variety of stalls suitable for Pre-Primary to Year 5. Prices of activities and products will range from $1 to $4. Please use the pre-order form for the Sausage Sizzle. Collection will be at lunchtime. Please return completed forms in an envelope to the note drawers in the front office and when sending coin in with your child/ren we suggest a plastic snap lock bag.

Year 5 Service for others project

The Year 5s would like to thank you for all the donations that are coming in for our three causes. Please keep them coming! We will be creating the gift boxes next Friday. Any spare shoe-boxes would be a great help, they can be left at the office next to the donation boxes

The Patch

Thank you to everyone for the most amazing support of the last Patch Harvest Market stall!! We hope all the produce tasted delicious! The money raised from the stall goes directly back into maintaining the Patch, including items like seeds, soil and fertiliser.

We would like to encourage the school community to shop our produce at times between stalls too.  If you see something in the patch that you would like to use, please help yourself. We ask if you are doing this, to pop a donation into the ‘Jar’ (on the top shelf) in the white cupboard near the entrance to the garden and corridor. 

The garden is enjoying Spring and all of the attention, thanks to Mel Capper and  all the families who stop to water the plants. You might be seeing some strawberries, sunflowers, passionfruit, carrots, beetroot, rhubarb (green variety), beans, kale, spinach, rosemary, sage, thyme, parsley and mint. Thank you also for supervising the children around the garden beds. It’s encouraging to see the children enjoying the garden by watering and sampling the produce (such as trying the herbs and peas/beans).

Thanks to those who have continued to put food into our worm farm, including the canteen. A reminder to please leave out citrus, onion, garlic, chilli, dairy, meat, bones, fish and oil. 

NEXT MARKET DAY: Week 9 Friday 7th Dec after school (outside the music room). A gold coin donation for our fresh produce.  We will be harvesting as much as possible before the summer holidays so please come along!

Regards ,The Patch Team x 

Personal Requirement Lists

2019 Personal Requirement Lists are now available. Lists also available under our Join Us tab on our home page.

Order your child’s personal booklist requirements and pay your School and P&C voluntary contributions by using the OfficeMax online system, or download a copy form the following list.

Our school access key if you wish to order online direct is W8MU3T

Kapinara Primary School 2019 Requirements List Kindergarten

Kapinara Primary School 2019 Requirements List Pre-Primary

Kapinara Primary School 2019 Requirements List Year 1

Kapinara Primary School 2019 Requirements List Year 2

Kapinara Primary School 2019 Requirements List Year 3

Kapinara Primary School 2019 Requirements List Year 4

Kapinara Primary School 2019 Requirements List Year 5

Kapinara Primary School 2019 Requirements List Year 6

Year 5 Kindness, Consideration, Service for Others Project

Dear Parents and Carers

Kindness, Consideration and Service for Others

The Year 5 students have been exploring our school motto and suggesting ways in which they can extend this into the wider Perth community.

There were three areas that the children identified as being of particular concern to them: homelessness, refugees and domestic violence. Learning around these ‘big’ issues was not focused on the inherent complexity of the issues themselves, but rather on how as students they could do something to improve the lives of those touched by these circumstances. As such this project is about ‘providing something nice to someone in need.”

In groups, students have prepared a video promoting their cause and are asking all Kapinara students to assist them, by donating to at least one of the three (more if they so wish) worthwhile groups of recipients. However, there is no obligation to donate to more than one.  Suggestions for donations included stationery items, toothbrushes, toothpaste, face wipes, soap, lip balm etc. Once all donations have been collected, the Year 5 students will make up Christmas boxes which will be distributed via the school.

Please help our Year 5 students to help someone else by donating to one or more of the boxes provided in the front office.

On behalf of the Year 5 students, thank you for your care and support.

Mrs Zaltmsan, Mr Hodgson, Miss Stewart, Mrs Dixon and Mr Watt, Year 5 Teachers

November 2018


General News Week 5

The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month each year is recognised as Remembrance Day. This marks the anniversary of the armistice in 1918, when the guns of the Western Front fell silent after more than four years continuous warfare. Each year Australians observe one minute silence at 11am on November 11th, in memory of those who died or suffered in all wars and armed conflicts. A red poppy has become symbolic of Remembrance Day.
The Kapinara community has always assisted Rotary and the RSL to support the welfare of War veterans and their dependents, and this year we will be again be selling Red Poppies, to raise funds for this commendable cause. The Year 4 students will be selling the poppies, for a gold coin donation, outside the instrumental room before and after school until this Friday when our Remembrance Day Assembly will be held.
We thank you for your support of Remembrance Day.

We are thrilled to be welcoming award-winning Author, Mark Greenwood and award-winning Illustrator Frane’ Lessac to Kapinara this Thursday to inspire our students with their creativity, their passion for books and their love of history. In sessions throughout the day, PP-Year 3 students will work with Frane’ Lessac and Year 4-6 students will have workshops with Mark Greenwood. The cost will be $4.50 per student and the cost has been added to the term account.

Term 4 accounts have been sent out today. There was a $4.50 adjustment made this week to the Year 4-6 classes and the Tues/Thurs Kindy group accounts regarding the Science incursion charged to the student’s in Term 3. Unfortunately the Science Presenter was unwell and unable to reschedule to present to the rest of the school, therefore the cost has been reversed. As many families had already paid their term accounts, the cost has been deducted off any charges outstanding for that child or their sibling. If no amount is outstanding a credit has been applied and will carry over for 2019. Any queries, the office staff will be happy to clarify. It would also help us enormously if Term 4 accounts could be paid as soon as possible as it’s always a very busy last few weeks in the office.  Your prompt attention would be greatly appreciated.

Year One and Year Three classes have reported incidents of lice. It would be a good idea to check your child’s hair and treat if necessary.  You can visit for information.

domo arigatou gozaimasu

A big thanks to the Kapinara community, hosting families, staff and students for making the Japanese students from Gunma feel so welcome and their home stay experience so amazing. With so many fun opportunities for authentic language and cultural exchange I’m am sure that all students will be looking forward to the next exchange program in 2019. 

McGuffin Sensei



Quickcliq outage

The Quickcliq site is currently offline and they hope to have it fixed very soon. 

You can place manual orders at the canteen today if you would like. 

General News Week 3

Wembley Downs Fair

A reminder that permission forms for choir members performing at the Saturday Fair, should have been returned to the front office. Students will not be permitted to perform without a signed permission note. Notes are available on the school website or at the office.

Magpie Season

Unfortunately Magpie season is upon us and we have a couple in the upper playground area that are keen on swooping.  Advice from the ranger is to walk, not ride through that area, as they will be more likely to swoop if you are riding. In addition, please listen out as they always warn before they swoop.

Also a reminder please that dogs should be kept at the perimeter of the school only.

Arts Nights

We are looking forward to our annual Kapinara Under the Stars Art Exhibition and seeing you all from 6.00pm on Thursday. The bar with nibbles will be open for adults from 6.00pm. Family sculptures can be positioned on the lawn outside the Art Room anytime morning or afternoon prior to the event. Enjoy the music from our buskers, (with all donations going to the school), and be around for the short presentation for the winning sculpture at 7.30pm. Event concludes at 9pm.  All extended family and friends are welcome!


Quiet Place

This letter is from the Kapinara Student Council to inform you about the ‘Quiet Place’.

Firstly, what is the ‘Quiet Place’? Well, as you may be aware, some students would prefer to read, draw or relax at recess and lunch, instead of playing outside. So, as a solution, we would like to create the ‘Quiet Place’, where your child can do their preferred activity in a calm and quiet space.

Unfortunately, we do not have all the materials we need to create this space, so we are asking you to donate! If you have any second-hand or spare materials around your house that you no longer need, it would help us if you could donate them to the ‘Quiet Place’. Please send the materials with your child to school on these dates:

Mon 22nd Oct, Tue 23rd Oct, Thu 25th Oct and Fri 26th Oct.

All of the donations will be placed in the instrumental room (school banking room) on these dates.

The ‘Quiet Place’ will be in the classroom next to the undercover area.
SIMS children also use this room, so the days that the ‘Quiet Place’ will be open (when complete) will be Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

If you do have something to donate, save the date on your calendar and don’t forget! Below is a list of things we would love you to contribute.

Things to donate:

  • Beanbags
  • Books
  • Pillows
  • Blankets
  • Plants

Thank you for your support.

Yours sincerely
Kapinara Student Councilors

17 October 2018