Year 6 Beach Excursion

DATE:  18th December 2019

TIME:  12:30pm       Returning: 2:30pm                                                     

 VENUE: Floreat Beach

TRANSPORT:   Walking


SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:  Hats, Sunscreen, Gloves and a Water bottle 

STAFF ATTENDING: Georgia Stewart and Joanne Dixon

COST: $0.00

This semester the Year 6s have been focusing on sustainability and the effects plastic has on our environment. The opportunity to clean up our beaches will be a way of assisting with the problem and it also links into one of our school values ‘service for others’.

Please click on the link for the required permission slip.

Year 6 Beach Excursion


Principal’s Message Week 5

Dear Parents and Carers

Remembrance Day
Thank you to Mrs Powell and the students in 4/5P for leading us in a thoughtful commemorative service for Remembrance Day yesterday. Thanks too to the students in that class who sold poppies, and to families who purchased them.

Arts Night
We hope that most, if not all, families will join us at some point between 5:00 and 7:00pm on Thursday evening, when Kapinara hosts its annual Arts Night. It promises to be a balmy summer evening, and drinks will be on sale near the canteen, with nibbles courtesy of our P & C. This year, the Scholastic Book Fair coincides with Arts Night, and families will be able to visit the Book Fair in the school library between 5 and 6pm. Come and see some wonderful artworks, including the family sculptures made from recycled materials.

Out of School Hours Care
Just a reminder that we will host a short meeting at 6:00pm today to enable parents to talk to me, about the aspects of out of school hours care programs that they value most. If you are unable to make it, you are welcome to email me some dot points by 12:00pm tomorrow (Thursday). I have extended the timeline due to the newsletter being sent this afternoon.

Planning for 2020
Another reminder regarding planning for 2020. As per the invitation in the last newsletter, if there is something that you believe is likely to impact significantly on your child’s education, please contact me directly by emailing me at or making an appointment to see me via Gail or Sarah in the office by Wednesday 20 November. If your child won’t be attending Kapinara next year, and you haven’t already done so, please afford us the courtesy of letting us know immediately.

St Vinnie’s Christmas Appeal
This term we have two or three initiatives aligned to the ‘service for others’ component of our school motto. Over the next three weeks, we are asking families to pick up an extra one or two (non-perishable) items while shopping. The children in 3FJ and 3H will be promoting the collection. They will be displaying posters around the school and will also visit classes each morning to collect items. Items may also be placed in the ‘blue bin’ in the front office. Thank you for supporting this collection for those who may otherwise not be able to celebrate Christmas with some of the trimmings we associate with this time of the year.

Free Dress Day
Student Councillors, Honey W and Olivia Y, are coordinating a free-dress day in Week 8 to raise money for another group requiring support. Information from these Year 6 students will follow.

Bike Safety – Urgent
I urge all parents of children who ride to school, to remind them about the importance of strictly adhering to road rules, particularly when riding to and from school. In the last few days another community member visited the school to advise us that a significant number of Kapinara students are once again crossing roads in large groups and failing to look carefully for cars and pedestrians. One of the ‘hot spots’ is around Tilton Park, particularly where it intersects Empire Ave. The Year 5 and 6 students were very fortunate to access fully funded Bike Education programs this year, and should be well aware of road rules and the importance of adhering to them. Students younger than Year 5 will probably need considerable support from home, perhaps backed up by a ‘practice run’ on the weekends.

Without exception, everyone arriving at school by bicycle must follow the path to the entrance of Catesby St, alight at the top of the path, and walk their bikes to the bike racks. At the end of the day, bikes must be walked up the path (NOT the grassed bank near the playground). Please, let’s work together to keep all Kapinara students safe!

School Uniform
One thing our community does so well, is to ensure all students are in school uniform each day. However, in the last few weeks you could be forgiven for thinking it was ‘crazy sock day’. We would be grateful if families could return to ensuring children come to school in short, white socks so that our uniform remains … well uniform.
On days when children are participating in Phys Ed, fitness activities and/or wanting to spend their recess and lunchtimes climbing on playground equipment, they should be in sneakers/joggers. Thanks for your cooperation.

I look forward to seeing you at the Arts Night on Thursday.

Best wishes

Elizabeth Blackwell


General News Week 5

Uniform shop update

Cotton Only Kapinara Polo Shirts
Cotton school Polo shirts will be available to families who would like this option via ORDER ONLY at $32. Please write your details on the order sheet which can be found at the school front office, or the uniform shop. As we are now nearing the end of the year please think of sizes for next year!

Choir and Orchestra uniforms
It’s now time to return your hired uniforms so we can collect items and then process your refund.
PLEASE drop your hired items with a small NOTE of your NAME and ITEMS returned into the box at the front office. Any extra donations you may have (eg. shoes) will be appreciated to share around next year.

2020 Pre Primary uniforms
The uniform shop will be opened for a special 2020 Pre Primary students only afternoon. Uniforms will be available to be purchased and ordered after the PP information meeting on the 27th November. The shop will be opened after school 3-3.45. Uniforms can also be purchased at anytime during usual opening hours Tuesdays and Thursdays 8.30-9am.

Second hand stock
We always have a moving range of second hand stock. Come and have a look for something to help reuse and recycle. We are very happy to receive all reasonable outgrown uniforms. All funds from the uniform shop go towards the school P&C.

Kapinara Bathers SALE now on
Girls bathers $20
Boys jammers $10

Arts Night

The students at Kapinara Primary School are proud to invite their family and friends to their art exhibition on Thursday, 14 November 14 2019 from 5pm-7pm. An array of wonderful student artwork will be on display, in addition to family sculptures. Each year families are encouraged to create a sculpture from recycled materials. This year the theme for the sculptures is FLIGHT, and we would love to have a record number of entries!
This year we will also have a few original art pieces by Colleen Corradi, on display and available for purchase on the evening. Colleen was our Artist in Residence from Italy who helped the children create the mosaic on the Catesby St wall and the Invisible Cities (ceramic houses). Bar facilities will be available for adults.

School Song

The School Board is very pleased to announce that the new first verse for the school song will be sung for the first time at our next assembly.
The Board extends a massive thank you to everyone who submitted lyrics – the thought and care that went into them was very evident. However there were two clear stand-outs, one submitted by Year 5 student Noa M and the other by an anonymous parent, that the School Board felt best captured the spirit, ethos and values of the school. Key phrases from each were combined to create a first verse that we believe will be sung with pride by Kapinara students for many years to come. The lyrics for second verse remain as is.
If you can make it, please join us for the assembly on Friday 22 November.


Arts Night 2019

Arts Night

The students at Kapinara Primary School are proud to invite their family and friends to their art exhibition on Thursday, 14 November 14 2019 from 5pm-7pm. An array of wonderful student artwork will be on display, in addition to family sculptures. Each year families are encouraged to create a sculpture from recycled materials. This year the theme for the sculptures is FLIGHT, and we would love to have a record number of entries!

This year we will also have a few original art pieces by Colleen Corradi, on display and available for purchase on the evening. Collen was our Artist in Residence from Italy who helped the children create the mosaic on the Catesby St wall and the Invisible Cities (ceramic houses)

Robolab Incursion Years 2-5

Dear Parents and Carers

RE: Robolab Incursion: Year 2 – 5 by Playworks

Recently the school, with invaluable assistance from the P&C, purchased 12 Lego WeDo 2.0 classroom kits. Lego building bricks have endless benefits for children including developing problem solving skills, fine motor skills, visual planning skills, improved following of instructions, creativity and mathematical principles, amongst others. When used in a group setting the use of Lego and accompanying challenges opens up a fertile ground for collaboration, friendship building, communication and critical thinking.

To get us off to the best possible start with our new classroom kits we have invited Playworks to conduct an incursion with our Year 2 – 5 students. Through a super-engaging, fun, 90-minute hands-on lab session, your child will apply STEM principles and computer coding to build and program mini robots, and bring their LEGO models to life.


Date 4, 11, 18 November 2019
Cost $15.00 to be added to your term account

Please complete the permission slip below and return to your child’s classroom teacher by Thursday, 31 October, 2019.

Kind regards

Kim Knowles

Deputy Principal

18 October 2019

Loose Parts Incursion Years K-5

Dear Parents and Carers

RE: Loose Parts Incursion by Nature Play Solutions for K – Year 5

Loose Parts is coming to Kapinara. Loose Parts come with no instructions: rather, they invite children to use their own imagination and creativity to develop their own play scripts.

Nature Play Solutions has embraced this concept and carefully put together an eclectic collection of natural and manufactured, recycled or recyclable materials for a unique Loose Parts Play experience.  Play workers facilitate the activity by guiding the play without restricting the children’s natural capacity to create.

Students will attend with their teacher and classmates for a 60-minute play session with a play worker from Nature Play Solutions on the Lower Oval.

Session Time Tuesday 29 October Wednesday 30 October Thursday 31 October
1 8.50 – 9.50 1C 3FJ 4/5P
2 10.00 – 11.00 1T Kindy Kindy
3 11.10 – 12.10 1/2T 5ZH PP1
4 12.50 – 1.50 2BJ 3H PP2
5 2.00 – 3.00 2/3D 4W  

Cost: $8.50 per student to be added to your term account.

Please complete the permission slip  and return to your child’s classroom teacher 

Kind regards

Kim Knowles

Deputy Principal

23 October 2019                                            

Kapinara PS School Song Lyrics – Submission Process

Dear members of the Kapinara school community,

Last November, the School Board advised that it would put a process in place in 2019 for the school community to update the lyrics of the Kapinara school song.
We are now pleased to invite all interested members of the school community to submit alternative lyrics for the first verse. 
Students, parents/carers, school staff and former students are all encouraged to provide suggestions.

The lyrics to be rewritten are those up to, and retaining, ‘we’ve got Kapinara, and Kapinara’s fine, fine, fine’.  The lyrics should be consistent with the school song’s existing rhythm and tune.  You are welcome to offer lyrics for the entire verse or for specific lines, as the final lyrics may be compiled from multiple submissions.  There is no limit to the number of submissions each family or person can offer.

Without wanting to limit ideas, some possible themes you may wish to draw upon include:

  • the values of the school and its students;
  • the Aboriginal language origins of the school’s name;
  • the school’s unique historical connection to the 1962 British Empire and Commonwealth Games and the common values underpinning the school and those of the Games; or
  • what it means to you to be a Kapinara kid.

To assist, the existing song’s lyrics and examples of other schools’ songs (Millen PS; Spencer Park PSMt Hawthorn PS) are available online.

Classroom teachers will also be encouraging students to participate in this challenge either individually or with assistance from parents.  While most of the lyrics of the second verse will remain unchanged, the continuing relevance of words such as ‘busyness’ and ‘cleanliness’ will be ascertained from classroom discussions with students around ‘what Kapinara means to me’. These words may be replaced with suggestions from the students, depending on the outcome of those discussions.

Please either email your suggested lyrics to or place a copy in the drawer in reception marked ‘School Song’ by close of business Monday 21 October 2019.  The author/s of the revised lyrics will be acknowledged at a future assembly; however, proposals may also be submitted anonymously. Any questions should be directed to the Chair, Kapinara School Board at

We look forward to an enthusiastic response to this challenge and cannot wait to see what the creative literary minds within our school community produce. We’re sure you’ll all embrace this unique and exciting opportunity to create a contemporary, engaging and inspiring school song that will be sung by the children of Kapinara for many years to come.

Yours sincerely

Dale Miller
Chair, Kapinara School Board

4 September 2019

General News Week 7

Author Visit – Dr Cameron Stelzer, The Story Doctor

On Thursday 12 September, we have a special visit from Author and Illustrator Dr Cameron Stelzer. Dr Cameron is visiting Kapinara Primary School to run workshops with our PP-2 students. PP students will enjoy an interactive Big Screen Book Reading and follow-along drawing activity with Cameron. Year 1-2 students will be focusing on idea formation and inspirations for narratives, and exploring the combination of words and visual elements. Students and teachers are looking forward to a great day!

In conjunction with the Author Visit, Kapinara PS families have a special opportunity to purchase signed and personalised copies of Cameron’s books at special prices. Individual books are $15 each and there are also exclusive book sets available. Students will receive an order form on the day of the workshops. Forms and payment can be returned the following day, Friday 13 September, to the Office

ICAS Writing (Years 3-6 students who registered) is on Tuesday 10 September and ICAS Spelling is on Thursday 12 September.

The String Orchestra, under conductor Therese Arnold will participate in the WA Schools String Orchestra Festival at Churchlands SHS on Sunday 15 September. We wish them well 🙂

Uniform Shop Update

Cotton only polo shirts

Cotton school Polo shirts will be available to families who would like this option Via ORDER ONLY at $32 each. There is a minimum order limit that needs to be reached for this option to go ahead. Please contact, please provide sizes and quantity required. Last orders for this round of shirt is by 13th September.

Hair Scrunchies

School hair scrunchies are now available at the Uniform shop. In school colours including faction colours, at $4 each.

Second hand stock

We always have a moving range of second hand stock. Come have a look for something to help reuse and recycling. We are happy to recieve all outgrown uniforms to add to this double good cause as all funds go towards the P&C for the school.

Choir and Orchestra

Choir and orchestra uniforms available to hire please come to uniform shop for more details during regular opening hours. Tuesday and Thursday 8.30-9am.

Faction Athletics Carnival

The athletics carnival will be happening Monday 9th September. We encourage you all to come and support the event if you can, we hope it will be a fantastic day.

Our students have been training hard and attendance at athletics club has been fantastic in the run up to the event. If your child has been selected for the jumps and throws, they will need to arrive at school at 7.50am for the 8am start.

Significant timings for the day are as follows:

Jumps and throws for Years 3-6 will start at 8am, followed by the longer distance running events at 9am. The sprint races will commence at 10am from Kindy through to Year 6. We will all break for lunch at 12 noon. Following lunch, the team games for Years 2-6 and tabloid games for the Kindy, Pre-Primary and Year 1s will start at 12.30pm. The day’s events will finish with the senior sprint relay races at 1.50pm and presentations will be around 2.10pm. Please note that all times are approximate.

Community News

UWA Little Athletics Centre
U7-U17 age-groups
Registration Summer 2019/20: Online Saturday September 7th at 8am
For more information:

Jazz for Juniors at His Majesty’s Theatre Click here




Information on Faction Carnival Day

Our Faction Carnival is just around the corner, in fact its next Wednesday, 4th September and it runs all day for the entire school.

So pack the blanket (maybe an umbrella too!) and come along to enjoy the days events.

For a program of events click here Program of Events.

If you can help out on the day you can fill in this form in and bring it into the office Parent Volunteer Slip