General News Week 5

The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month each year is recognised as Remembrance Day. This marks the anniversary of the armistice in 1918, when the guns of the Western Front fell silent after more than four years continuous warfare. Each year Australians observe one minute silence at 11am on November 11th, in memory of those who died or suffered in all wars and armed conflicts. A red poppy has become symbolic of Remembrance Day.
The Kapinara community has always assisted Rotary and the RSL to support the welfare of War veterans and their dependents, and this year we will be again be selling Red Poppies, to raise funds for this commendable cause. The Year 4 students will be selling the poppies, for a gold coin donation, outside the instrumental room before and after school until this Friday when our Remembrance Day Assembly will be held.
We thank you for your support of Remembrance Day.

We are thrilled to be welcoming award-winning Author, Mark Greenwood and award-winning Illustrator Frane’ Lessac to Kapinara this Thursday to inspire our students with their creativity, their passion for books and their love of history. In sessions throughout the day, PP-Year 3 students will work with Frane’ Lessac and Year 4-6 students will have workshops with Mark Greenwood. The cost will be $4.50 per student and the cost has been added to the term account.

Term 4 accounts have been sent out today. There was a $4.50 adjustment made this week to the Year 4-6 classes and the Tues/Thurs Kindy group accounts regarding the Science incursion charged to the student’s in Term 3. Unfortunately the Science Presenter was unwell and unable to reschedule to present to the rest of the school, therefore the cost has been reversed. As many families had already paid their term accounts, the cost has been deducted off any charges outstanding for that child or their sibling. If no amount is outstanding a credit has been applied and will carry over for 2019. Any queries, the office staff will be happy to clarify. It would also help us enormously if Term 4 accounts could be paid as soon as possible as it’s always a very busy last few weeks in the office.  Your prompt attention would be greatly appreciated.

Year One and Year Three classes have reported incidents of lice. It would be a good idea to check your child’s hair and treat if necessary.  You can visit for information.

domo arigatou gozaimasu

A big thanks to the Kapinara community, hosting families, staff and students for making the Japanese students from Gunma feel so welcome and their home stay experience so amazing. With so many fun opportunities for authentic language and cultural exchange I’m am sure that all students will be looking forward to the next exchange program in 2019. 

McGuffin Sensei



Quickcliq outage

The Quickcliq site is currently offline and they hope to have it fixed very soon. 

You can place manual orders at the canteen today if you would like. 

General News Week 3

Wembley Downs Fair

A reminder that permission forms for choir members performing at the Saturday Fair, should have been returned to the front office. Students will not be permitted to perform without a signed permission note. Notes are available on the school website or at the office.

Magpie Season

Unfortunately Magpie season is upon us and we have a couple in the upper playground area that are keen on swooping.  Advice from the ranger is to walk, not ride through that area, as they will be more likely to swoop if you are riding. In addition, please listen out as they always warn before they swoop.

Also a reminder please that dogs should be kept at the perimeter of the school only.

Arts Nights

We are looking forward to our annual Kapinara Under the Stars Art Exhibition and seeing you all from 6.00pm on Thursday. The bar with nibbles will be open for adults from 6.00pm. Family sculptures can be positioned on the lawn outside the Art Room anytime morning or afternoon prior to the event. Enjoy the music from our buskers, (with all donations going to the school), and be around for the short presentation for the winning sculpture at 7.30pm. Event concludes at 9pm.  All extended family and friends are welcome!


Quiet Place

This letter is from the Kapinara Student Council to inform you about the ‘Quiet Place’.

Firstly, what is the ‘Quiet Place’? Well, as you may be aware, some students would prefer to read, draw or relax at recess and lunch, instead of playing outside. So, as a solution, we would like to create the ‘Quiet Place’, where your child can do their preferred activity in a calm and quiet space.

Unfortunately, we do not have all the materials we need to create this space, so we are asking you to donate! If you have any second-hand or spare materials around your house that you no longer need, it would help us if you could donate them to the ‘Quiet Place’. Please send the materials with your child to school on these dates:

Mon 22nd Oct, Tue 23rd Oct, Thu 25th Oct and Fri 26th Oct.

All of the donations will be placed in the instrumental room (school banking room) on these dates.

The ‘Quiet Place’ will be in the classroom next to the undercover area.
SIMS children also use this room, so the days that the ‘Quiet Place’ will be open (when complete) will be Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

If you do have something to donate, save the date on your calendar and don’t forget! Below is a list of things we would love you to contribute.

Things to donate:

  • Beanbags
  • Books
  • Pillows
  • Blankets
  • Plants

Thank you for your support.

Yours sincerely
Kapinara Student Councilors

17 October 2018

General News Week 1


Another great success story!
Our fantastic Kapinara community has done it again by showing their wonderful support for our School Library at this year’s Scholastic Book Fair, setting a new record in sales. The final result is:
Total Sales: $7844.00. Total Commission Received; $2500.00. WOW!
We have already selected 110 books to the value of $1022.00 which are currently being covered and catalogued in preparation for borrowing. The remaining $1477 can be spent over the next 12 months on lexile readers or new book titles. A huge thank you also to the families who kindly donated an additional 16 books for the Library—the name plates are being added to the books.
No Book Fair is possible without the help of volunteers, and I would like to thank parent helpers Rae Syers, Claudia Wink, Alana Mathwin, Fiona Lanigan, Nikki Richards, Belinda Edmunds, Naomi Taylor and Mel Epstein. An extra special thanks to Nic Schmidt and Sandra Carrick, and to our office staff for managing the distribution of the book orders. It really was a team effort for the Fair’s success. See you at the Fair in 2019!

Jo Moore

(Admin note…As usual the Book Fair was superbly run by Mrs Moore, thank you Mrs Moore for all your hard work to acquire new books for our school, and inspire a love of reading for our students!)


Kapinara Under the Stars 2018
Make a date on our calendar for October 25th 6-9pm.  Drinks available for adults only.  Please take this opportunity to include all extended family members.

I hear from the children that the family sculptures are coming along nicely and we are looking forward to seeing your “S” sculptures on the evening.  These can be dropped off outside the Art Room any time on the day of the Arts event.

Miss Trovarelli. Art Specialist

Term Two accounts are now overdue. We would appreciate it if outstanding accounts could be paid as soon as possible.


General News Week 9

Japanese Hosting – Year 4-6        Urgent request 

Kapinara Primary School is hosting a group of Japanese primary school aged students from GKA (Gunma Kokusai Academy), an English immersion school in Japan from 14th – 31st October and we are desperately looking for families of Year 4, 5 and 6 students to host a Japanese student. We currently have four families that have offered to host but we require at least 3 more families for it to go ahead. Hosting gives your family a wonderful opportunity to make an international friendship, it’s easy and fun; the student fits in with your family routine! As the host, your child will be matched with a Japanese student of the same gender and they will attend school together. You will receive a payment of $450 for hosting a student. If you can help or would like more information please contact Sally at Gold Intercultural learning by email, call 08 9444 7687 or 0438 871 451.


Faction Carnival Results

1st Winter- 2152 points

2nd Strickland— 2067 points

3rd Elliott—1641 points

Junior Faction Carnival Survey

General News Week 7

FACTION ATHLETICS Friday, 31st August

This Friday is the Year 3 – 6 Athletics Carnival. The order of events is available on the website. To all the parents and teachers that help out on the day, a massive ‘thank you’ in advance because these days would never happen without so many hands. We are very fortunate to have a supportive and helpful community. Please remember to bring your sunscreen, hats, picnic rugs and a little cash to support the P&C with their food stores on the day.


The Kapinara teams have had a very good season of basketball in the winter season with the last round robin games being played this weekend.  We have 10 teams and it gives me great joy seeing children play against tougher teams and learning how to improve their skills to match the other teams and be successful. So I am sure the parents have similar moments as well. The same 10 teams will be playing in the whole day competition on September 11 at Bendat Stadium. An excursion note will be sent home early next week. Thank you to the parents who are helping out on that day as well, sensational support for your children again at school events.  Louise Smith, Sports Specialist

 ART SHOW 2018

This year the art show is being held early in Term 4 and we are praying for better weather. We encourage the children to invite grandparents and extended family to the event so that they can show the work they have produced over the year.
We encourage families to take part in the Family Sculpture Project.  This year’s theme is  “Something that starts with ‘S’. Please remember sculptures need to be made of recycled materials with a maximum height of 1.5 metres. Put your thinking caps on!  Anna Trovarelli, Art Specialist


At last Friday’s assembly many of the characters we have grown to love and treasure stepped out of their books and into our undercover area. Students from PP – Year 6 dressed up as their favourite book character and were superbly led by their Year 6 Leaders, in our Bookweek Parade. All students (and teachers!) showed wonderful creativity with their costumes. This was followed by a rousing rendition of our Bookweek song ‘Gotta Keep Reading’ which was sung with gusto. During the day, students also enjoyed other Bookweek related activities. A huge thank you to all parents who helped in the costume preparations.

General News Week 5

WA Schools’ Junior Orchestra Festival—Sunday 9 September
The Kapinara String Orchestra will be performing in the WA Schools’ Orchestra Festival at Churchlands Senior High School on Sunday 9 September 2018.
Students are required to arrive at 11.45am in Holding Room A3. Students will be performing at 12.45pm.
A permission note and map will be sent home for the selected students.
Please return the permission slip by Tuesday 28 August 2018 to the Music drawer in the front office.
Thérese Arnold. Conductor.

On Friday 24th August, Kapinara will celebrate Bookweek with a special day of Books and Stories in every classroom. The year 4P assembly, that will take place that morning, will also include a ‘Book Character Parade’. We would love students to dress up as their favourite book character and bring along the book their character is from. This is not a competition and students are encouraged to create their own imaginative costumes


ATHLETICS CARNIVAL             Years 3-6
The Year 3-6 athletics carnival is fast approaching. Friday, 31st August.  Parent help is needed at the beginning of the day for long jump and turbo javelin, (18 in total). Between recess and lunch for races, (5 in total) and after lunch for triple jump (8 in total). If you have not written your name at the front office to help, please do so if you can offer your services.
A parent roster/schedule will be sent by Friday this week. Please check that you are able to help at the time you have been allotted. Thank you again in advance for your help. Days like this cannot run without it.
The running sheet for this carnival will be sent to Year 3-6 families tomorrow morning and will be available on the website.


All of Kapinara’s winter basketball teams are playing in the WA Schools basketball competition. Parent helpers are still needed for this day. I need scorers and helpers so you will be assigned 1 or 2 teams that you will help out with for the day. All students will be dropped off and picked up from Bendat stadium. Excursion notes will be sent home soon. Students  (in Years 3-6) who are not involved in the basketball day will be participating in a Technologies day at school.


Running club medals will be given out on the assembly of the 7th September. If you really want your child to receive a medal and you have not paid your $10.00, please do so before 24th August otherwise, your child will not receive a medal on the day, but will still receive a  stand up recognition. Please email me at if you need to ask any questions regarding this.
Louise Smith


The junior athletics carnival will be held on Wednesday 5 September.  I am also asking for 24 volunteers to lead a tabloid team and to help with the timing of the 50m races. Please contact me on if you wish to volunteer. The running sheet will be sent to Year K-2 families tomorrow morning and will be available on the website.
Dean Hodgson


Friday afternoon one week ago students at Kapinara had a visit from 30 Akashi Nishi High school students.
The Japanese students entertained students with some traditional Japanese games and craft activities before joining in with our senior sports program. Many opportunities for cultural and language exchange were enjoyed by all.
Mark McGuffin

General News Week 3


Why wait for your newsletter each fortnight! Find out all the latest information on the website posts, updated during the day as needed. While you’re there, order lunches, look at the most recent calendar, print off permission forms for your child’s event and click on absentees if they are away.


On Friday 24th August, Kapinara will celebrate Bookweek with a special day of Books and Stories in every classroom. The Year 4P assembly that will take place that morning, will also include a ‘Book Character Parade’. We would love students to dress up as their favourite book character and bring along the book their character is from. This is not a competition and students are encouraged to create their own imaginative costumes!


Congratulations to all students for their wonderful performances and thank you to parents for your ongoing support.


This week there will be no early morning choir rehearsals. Choir will commence again on Thursday 9th August at 8.00am. Miss Stewart has kindly offered to co-ordinate and conduct the boys’ choir for the remainder of the year. Boys’ choir  will be rehearsing downstairs in Room 10.


Kapinara String Orchestra will be performing in the WA Schools’ Junior Orchestra Festival at the Churchlands Senior High School Auditorium on Sunday 9 September at 12.45pm.

More detailed information including permission slips will be sent home closer to the event and placed on the website. Please mark this date in your calendar.


The Chevron City to Surf for Activ is on again. To take advantage of the school community discount, register under Kapinara and enter the 15% promotional code of SCHKAPIPS


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