Canteen News Week 5

Thanks everyone for your help in the canteen. Many hands make light work in the kitchen!! This week’s roster is full (thanks Class 3FJ ?) but we are looking for some help next Tuesday on 21 August. There are also a few vacant shifts in coming weeks. Please sign up if you are free. The signup link is: (cut and paste this link). Your child(ren) will receive a free morning tea if you work for 2 hours or a free lunch if you work for 4 hours! Please contact Kate Cawley (P&C Canteen Roster Co-ordinator) on 0488235175 or if you have any questions or need to change your shift.

Term 3 2018           Parent Volunteers
Wk 5 Class 3FJ  
Tuesday 14 August Yuliya Lin (8.45-10.45am), Michelle Mok (8.45-10.45am), Carly Nesa (10.45am-1pm) and Belinda Edmunds (10.45am-1pm) 
Thurday 16 August Qin Chen (8.45-10.45am), Caryss Bidesi (8.45-10.45am), Katherine Shelley (10.45am-1pm) and Heidi Briggs (10.45am-1pm)
Wk 6 Class 4P  
Tuesday 21 August Gemma Salama (10.45am-1pm) and 3 shifts required (8.45-10.45am, 8.45-10.45am & 10.45am-1pm)
Thursday 23 August Wendy Atkins (8.45-10.45am), Erica White (8.45-10.45am), Jen Marschner (10.45am-1.00pm) and Desi (10.45am-1.00pm) 
Wk 7 Class PP-M  
Tuesday 28 August Mary-Anne Maddox (8.45am-1.00pm), Maiko Yatsufuji (8.45-10.45am) and 1 shift required (10.45am-1.00pm)
Thursday 30 August Nikki Little (8.45am-1.00pm) and Lan Cao (8.45am-1pm) 
Wk 8 Class PP-L  
Tuesday 4 September Nhi Do (10.45am-1pm) and Gemma Salama (10.45am-1pm) and 2 shifts required (8.45-10.45am & 8.45-10.45am) 
Thursday 6 September Anthea Redding (8.45am-1pm) and 2 shifts required (8.45-10.45am & 10.45am-1pm)
Wk 9 Class 5/6D  
Tuesday 11 September Yuliya Lin (8.45-10.45), Gemma Salama (10.45am-1pm) and 2 shifts required (8.45-10.45am & 10.45am-1.00pm) 
Thursday 13 September 4 shifts required (8.45-10.45am, 8.45-10.45am, 10.45am-1pm & 10.45am-1pm)