Canteen News Week 5


Thanks to everyone for your help in filling the canteen roster this term – your time is appreciated and your kids love seeing YOU behind the counter! There are still shifts to fill in the remaining weeks of term, including this Thursday 10.45am-1pm. Please sign up if you are free. ? The signup link is (cut and paste this link). Your child(ren) will receive a free morning tea if you work for 2 hours or a free lunch if you work for 4 hours. Please complete a recess (white) or lunch (brown) paper bag with their order, without payment. 

Please contact Kate Cawley (P&C Canteen Roster Co-ordinator) on 0488235175 or if you have any questions or need to change your shift.

Term 4 2018           Canteen Volunteers
Wk 5 Class 2BJ  
Tuesday 6 November Nikki Richards (8.45-10.45am), Chris Leaman (8.45am-1pm), and Nikki Little (10.45am-1pm) 
Thursday 8 November Rebecca Garvey (8.45am-1pm), Andrew Reid (8.45-10.45am) and 1 shift required (10.45am-1pm)
Wk 6 Class 2D  
Tuesday 13 November Kylene Tan (8.45-10.45am), Debbie Orman (8.45am-1pm) and Tash Brindal (10.45am-1pm) 
Thursday 15 November Claire Lucas (8.45am-1pm), Tanya Shie (8.45-10.45am) and Cass Leaman (10.45am-1pm) 
Wk 7 Class 2/3HS  
Tuesday 20 November Chelsey Mullally (8.45-10.45am), Michelle Lamb (8.45-10.45am), Nikki Little (10.45am-1pm) and Erica White (10.45am-1pm) 
Thursday 22 November Claudia Wink (8.45-10.45am), and 3 shifts required (8.45-10.45am, 10.45am-1pm and 10.45am-1pm)
Wk 8 Class 3FJ  
Tuesday 27 November 4 shifts required
Thursday 29 November Bec Flavel (8.45-10.45am), Jane Tresise (8.45-10.45am) and 2 shifts required (10.45am-1pm)
Wk 9 Class 4P  
Tuesday 4 December Jordy Veerman (8.45-10.45am) and 3 shifts required (8.45-10.45am, 10.45am-1pm & 10.45am-1pm)
Thursday 6 December Wendy Atkins (8.45-10.45am), Mary Scott (8.45-10.45am), Jen Marschner (10.45am-1pm) and Erica White (10.45am-1pm)
Wk 10  
Canteen closed for cleaning