Assemblies for Term 3

Dear Parents and Carers
We are pleased to announce that assemblies will resume this term. They will however, look slightly different to our ‘normal’ assemblies. We are keen to make sure every class has an opportunity to perform an assembly item, and to welcome parents in to see their children at assemblies. At the same time, we wish to maintain everyone’s safety and some level of social distancing as far as possible.
We will therefore be conducting assemblies in ‘phases of learning’. Only students from PP – Year 2 will attend assemblies performed by those year groups; and only students from Year 3 – Year 6 will attend assemblies performed by those year groups. Due to the reduced timescale, in order to ‘fit in’ all the assemblies before the end of the year, some classes will combine to perform their assembly item.
We are delighted to announce that the first assembly for the term will involve the students from Pre-Primary 1 and Pre-Primary 2!

Term 3 Assembly Schedule
14 August                    PP1 and PP 2
21 August                    2D
4 September               1C and 1T
11 September             4P and 4ZW
18 September             5LJ
24 September             1/2TB    ( Please note this is a THURSDAY.)

Best wishes

Elizabeth Blackwell