General News Week 5

K – 6 Faction Athletics Carnival – Wednesday 4 September
The jumping and throwing events for Year 3 – 6 will begin at 8am. Ms Burrows has been recording jumps and throws during lessons and the top 4 boys and girls from each faction will be chosen to represent their faction on the day.
The top 3 (400m: Year 3 and 4 and 800m: Year 5 and 6) runners from each faction (boys and girls) will represent their faction in the middle distances, with the opportunity for other students who wish to self-nominate available.
All children will participate in the year level sprint events. All students in Year 2 – 6 will compete in their sprint race and at least 2 of the 4 team games on offer. All K – 1 students will complete in their sprint race and the tabloid events.

The K – 1 tabloids and the Year 2 – 6 team games will take place at the same time. The juniors will be run on the northern half of the oval up near the long jump pits and the seniors on the southern half of the oval near the track.
The K – 1 children will be split into 18 multi-age groups (same faction) of 7-8 children who will rotate around 6 activities. Each of the 18 groups will need a volunteer parent team leader (we will supply the earplugs and Panadol!!). Please email Mr Hodgson at if you are able to help out with the tabloid events.

We look forward to an exciting and fun-filled day where children can showcase the athletics skills they have been learning all term.
We take this opportunity to remind families that dogs are not allowed to attend the carnival.

Liz Burrows and Dean Hodgson

Bookweek 2019
At last Friday’s 4/5P Bookweek assembly many of the characters we have grown to love and admire jumped out of their books and into our undercover area. Students from PP – Yr 6 dressed up as their favourite book character and were ably led by their Year 6 Leaders, in our Bookweek Parade. All students (and teachers!) showed wonderful creativity with their costumes. This was followed by a rousing rendition of our Bookweek song adapted by Mrs Jackson from George Ezra’s ‘Shotgun’ which was sung with gusto. A huge thank you to all parents who helped in the costume preparations. Year 3-6 students also thoroughly enjoyed their excursion to the live theatre production of Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes and Dirty Beasts, the day before. It was highly inspirational.

Kiss and Drive
A reminder that parents and carers must not park and leave their car during drop off and pick up times. There should be a continuous flow through at these busy times, however recently cars are banked up around to Styne Rd and causing delays as some cars are parked. If you have babysitters or grandparents collecting your child, we ask that you please remind them of what is expected.
A refresher of  Kiss ‘n’ Drive Instructions from our school information booklet:

  • Please always join the end of the queue.
  • Continuously move your car forward until you reach the loading area, ensuring gaps don’t open up between your car and the car in front of you. This zone is a no stopping area.
  • Adults are to remain inside vehicles during drop off and pick up (unless unavoidable circumstances).
  • Please have children travel with their bags at their feet – not in the boot or out of reach – this will speed up loading and unloading.
  • Drivers are asked to please exit promptly.

If your children are delayed in the afternoon, please go around the block via Chipping Road and queue again.

Pre-Primary Creepy Crawly Session

“I saw a scorpion. The scorpion glows under a neon light.” by Bronte.
“I looked at a baby phasmid and it was small.” by Lucy.
“I touched a baby phasmid. It was so cute. I looked at the scorpions, they were so scary. I painted a dragonfly.” by Annika.
“I went to school and Cody’s mum and dad brought in creepy crawlies. I looked at the creepy crawlies. It was fun sifting.” by Bo.
“I touched the baby phasmid, that is a stick insect. But I didn’t touch the big one. Cody’s mum and dad brought them in. We painted dragonflies. Mine was yellow with glitter. “ by Scarlett
“I found a long worm in the leaf litter.” by Kurt.