2021 Kindy and PP Enrolment

Is your child excited to start school? Now’s the time to get ready by completing an ‘Application for Enrolment’ form for Kindergarten for 2021!
If your child is four years old by 30 June 2021, you can apply to enrol him/her in our school.
Please submit an Application for Enrolment form by 24 July 2020 to apply. 

Pre-primary for 2021!
If your child will be five years old by 30 June 2021, his/her enrolment at school will be compulsory next year, and it is now time to submit an ‘Application for Enrolment’. Please submit forms by 24 July 2020.







Visit our Apply to Enrol page for further information and application forms.
Kapinara has a local-intake area and children who live within this area will have priority of enrolment.